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Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 Plain & Simple

Book Description

Get the fast facts that make learning Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 plain and simple! This no-nonsense guide uses easy numbered steps and concise, straightforward language that show the most expedient ways to learn a skill or solve a problem.

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2007 Plain & Simple
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    2. Acknowledgments
    3. 1. About This Book
      1. No Techie Talk
        1. Just Essential Tasks
        2. ...And the Easiest Way to Do Them
      2. A Quick Overview
      3. A Few Assumptions
      4. What’s New in PowerPoint 2007?
      5. The Final Word
    4. 2. What’s New in PowerPoint 2007?
      1. What’s Where in PowerPoint 2007?
      2. Using the Ribbon
        1. Display Tabs and Panes
        2. Show or Hide Enhanced ScreenTips
      3. Working with the Mini Toolbar
        1. Display the Mini Toolbar
      4. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
        1. Add Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
        2. Remove or Rearrange Tools
      5. Working with New Design Elements
        1. Preview Design Elements with Galleries
        2. Get a Cohesive Look with Themes
        3. Work with SmartArt
    5. 3. Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007
      1. Creating a New Presentation
        1. Open a Blank Presentation
        2. Open a Presentation Based on an Existing Presentation
        3. Open a Template
      2. Finding and Opening Existing Presentations
        1. Open a Presentation
      3. Moving among Views
      4. Sizing Panes in Normal View
        1. Resize a Pane
        2. Close and Redisplay the Slides/Outline Pane
      5. Viewing Multiple Slides with Slide Sorter
        1. Display Slide Sorter View
        2. Display More Slides in Slide Sorter
      6. Running a Presentation in Slide Show View
        1. Start a Slide Show and Advance Slides
        2. End a Slide Show
      7. Saving and Closing a PowerPoint Presentation
        1. Save a Presentation
        2. Close a Presentation
      8. Getting Help
        1. Use Help
    6. 4. Building a Presentation
      1. Understanding How to Build a Presentation
      2. Building a Slide
        1. Insert a New Slide
        2. Enter Text on Slides
        3. Insert a Symbol
        4. Insert the Date and Time
      3. Working with Text
        1. Edit Text
        2. Undo and Redo an Action
        3. Cut, Copy, and Paste Text
      4. Finding and Replacing Text
        1. Find and Replace Text
      5. Manipulating Placeholders
        1. Use the Selection and Visibility Pane
        2. Align Placeholder Contents
        3. Formatting Placeholders
    7. 5. Building a Presentation Outline
      1. Understanding the Relationship of the Outline to Slides
      2. Working with the Outline
        1. Display the Outline Tab
      3. Adding Text in the Outline Tab
        1. Add a Slide Title
        2. Promote and Demote Headings
      4. Working with Outline Contents
        1. Expand and Collapse the Outline
        2. Move Slides or Text Up and Down in an Outline
        3. Turn Formatting On and Off in an Outline
        4. Send an Outline to Word
    8. 6. Managing and Viewing Slides
      1. Viewing Slides in Slide Pane
        1. Display Slides
      2. Managing Slides in Slide Sorter View
        1. Delete Slides
        2. Copy and Paste Slides
        3. Duplicate Slides
        4. Move a Slide
      3. Hiding Slides and Slide Elements
        1. Hide and Unhide Slides
    9. 7. Using Slide Layouts and Themes
      1. What Slide Layouts and Themes Control
      2. Working with Layouts
        1. Apply a Layout
        2. Add a Placeholder to a Slide Layout
      3. Working with Themes
        1. Apply a Slide Theme
        2. Find Slide Themes Online
      4. Changing Theme Colors and Fonts
        1. Select a Different Theme Color Scheme
        2. Change Theme Fonts
    10. 8. Inserting and Drawing Objects
      1. Creating Tables
        1. Insert a Table
        2. Insert Rows and Columns
      2. Editing Tables
        1. Modify Table Borders
        2. Align Text in Cells
        3. Merge Cells
      3. Creating Charts
        1. Insert a Chart
        2. Change Chart Style and Layout
        3. Display or Hide a Chart Legend
      4. Adding Clip Art
        1. Search for Clip Art
        2. Insert Clip Art
      5. Creating WordArt
        1. Insert WordArt
        2. Apply Effects to WordArt
      6. Working with SmartArt
        1. Insert SmartArt
        2. Add Text to SmartArt
      7. Working with Pictures
        1. Insert a Picture
        2. Crop a Picture
      8. Working with Media Objects
        1. Insert a Movie or Sound
      9. Creating a Photo Album
        1. Insert a New Photo Album
      10. Drawing Shapes and Text Boxes
        1. Draw a Shape
        2. Add a Text Box
    11. 9. Formatting Text, Objects, and Slides
      1. Applying Fonts
        1. Select a Font
      2. Formatting Text
        1. Change Text Color
        2. Change Text Size
        3. Apply Effects to Text
      3. Formatting Objects
        1. Apply a Fill Color or Effect
        2. Change the Shape Outline
        3. Apply a Shape Effect
      4. Resizing Objects
        1. Resize Objects
      5. Rotating and Flipping Objects
        1. Rotate an Object
        2. Flip an Object
      6. Grouping and Changing the Order of Objects
        1. Group and Ungroup Objects
        2. Change Object Order
      7. Working with Picture Tools
        1. Adjust Brightness or Contrast
        2. Recolor a Picture
      8. Changing the Slide Background
        1. Change the Background Style
    12. 10. Working with Slide Masters
      1. Understanding How Slide Masters Work
      2. Making Changes to a Slide Master
        1. Display and Navigate Masters
        2. Insert Footer Information
        3. Work with Master Graphics
        4. Add a Layout
        5. Omit Master Graphics on Individual Slides
      3. Adding and Deleting Master Sets
        1. Rename a Master
        2. Delete a Master
        3. Insert Additional Masters
      4. Working with Handout and Notes Masters
        1. Work with Handout Master
        2. Work with Notes Master
    13. 11. Adding Transition Animations
      1. Applying a Transition
        1. Apply a Transition Scheme to a Slide
        2. Apply a Transition to All Slides
      2. Adding Sound to Transitions
        1. Add Sound
      3. Modifying Transition Speed
        1. Set the Speed for Transitions
      4. Choosing How to Advance a Slide
        1. Select a Method to Advance a Slide
      5. Applying a Custom Animation to an Object
        1. Add an Animation Effect to an Object
        2. Modify Animation Settings
        3. Reorder Effects
      6. Previewing an Animation
        1. Preview an Animation
    14. 12. Finalizing Your Slide Show
      1. Reviewing Your Presentation
        1. Check Spelling
        2. Use the Thesaurus
        3. Add Comments
        4. E-mail a Presentation for Review
      2. Setting Up a Slide Show
        1. Set the Show Type
        2. Specify Show Options
        3. Specify Which Slides to Include
        4. Set Up How to Advance Slides
      3. Rehearsing Your Presentation
        1. Add a Narration
        2. Save Timings
      4. Taking a Presentation with You
        1. Save a Presentation to CD
    15. 13. Running a Presentation
      1. Starting and Ending a Slide Show
        1. Start a Show
        2. End a Show
      2. Navigating through Slides
        1. Move to Next and Previous Slide
        2. Go to a Particular Slide
        3. Start a Custom Show
      3. Working with the Pen and Annotations
        1. Choose a Pen Style and Color
        2. Make Annotations on Slides
        3. Erase Annotations on Slides
        4. Save Annotations
      4. Switching to Another Program
        1. Switch to Another Program
    16. 14. Printing a Presentation
      1. Inserting Headers and Footers
        1. Insert Headers or Footers
      2. Using Print Preview
        1. Display Print Preview
        2. Navigate the Print Preview
      3. Establishing Printer Settings and Printing
        1. Choose a Printer and Paper Options
        2. Choose Which Slides to Print
        3. Choose the Format to Print
        4. Specify the Number of Copies and Print
    17. 15. Publishing a Presentation to the Web
      1. Saving a Presentation as a Web Page
        1. Choose a Web Page Format
        2. Set up Web Options
      2. Publishing a Presentation as a Web Page
        1. Choose Browser Support
        2. Choose Which Slides to Publish
    18. 16. Introducing Advanced PowerPoint Topics
      1. Saving Your Own PowerPoint Templates
        1. Save a Presentation as a Template
      2. Creating a Custom Show
        1. Create a Custom Show
        2. Run a Custom Show
      3. Removing Hidden Data with Document Inspector
        1. Remove Hidden Data with Document Inspector
      4. Adding a Digital Signature
        1. Purchase a Third-Party Digital Signature Product
        2. Create Your Own Digital Signature
    19. About the Author
    20. Choose the Right Book for You
      1. Published and Upcoming Titles
        1. Plain & Simple
        2. Step by Step
        3. Inside Out
    21. Index
    22. About the Author
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