Chapter 5. What’s New in Project 2007

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Understanding the different versions of Project 2007

Using the Multiple Undo feature

Turning on Change Highlighting

Identifying task drivers

Appreciating the value of Visual Reports and report templates

Making use of Cost resources

Defining and tracking budgets


If you’re one of those people who have to be in on anything new, or if you used Project 2003 and need a heads up about what new features in Project 2007 are worth checking out, this chapter is for you.

In this chapter, we offer a rundown of the various versions of Project 2007 that are available to help you choose the right one for your needs. We also provide an overview of new features, including Multiple Undo, Change Highlighting, task drivers, Visual Reports, Cost resources, and budget tracking. Each of these features will make your Project experience a little more fruitful.

Each of these features is covered in more detail in individual chapters throughout this book. Check the index to find additional coverage!

Exploring the Many Versions of Project

Microsoft has, for some time, offered several different versions of Project based essentially on the size of your organization and projects. Project 2007 is no exception, with two individual user packages and what Microsoft calls the EPM, or Enterprise Project Management Solution.

Exploring the Many Versions of Project

Enterprise Project ...

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