Chapter 4. Creating Visual Reports

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Creating a visual report

Visually reporting on tasks and task usage

Visually reporting on resources and resource usage

Visually reporting on assignments and assignment usage

Customizing visual reports


If you install Excel 2007 and Visio Professional 2007 along with Project 2007, you can produce visual reports — graphic representations of information in a Project file. Visual reports help you focus on the overview of the situation, rather than on the details. And, often, a picture can drive home a point better than the columns of numbers used to generate the picture.

Project contains a collection of Excel and Visio templates that you can use to produce a variety of visual reports. Project uses Excel PivotTables and Visio PivotDiagrams to present the information. After you produce a report, you can modify the report in Visio or Excel; changes you make to the report don’t affect Project data.

And, of course, if you dream up a report that you don’t find in Project, you can create your own report template.

Preparing a Visual Report

You prepare all the visual reports in Project by using the same technique:

  1. Open the Project file on which you want to report.

    It doesn’t matter whether you open Excel or Visio before you create a visual report.

    Preparing a Visual Report
  2. Choose ReportVisual Reports.

    Project displays the Visual Reports – Create ...

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