22.2. A Workflow Scenario: Document Approval

Approval is one of the most common workflow scenarios. Most processes implement some sort of approval mechanism, as it's innate to the nature of the business implementations to secure approval from senior resources before an operation can be started or continued. Workflow Designer provides Web designers with a number of workflow conditions and actions that can be used to implement approval workflows.

22.2.1. Understanding the scenario

An author working on a document uploads it to the Review document library on the SharePoint site. The act of uploading the document to this library starts a workflow and sends an e-mail to an editor for document review. The editor reviews the document and makes a decision about whether it should be approved or rejected. If the document is approved, it's moved to the Approved document library by using another workflow.

22.2.2. Implementing the scenario by using Workflow Designer

To implement this scenario by using Workflow Designer, follow these steps:


To successfully send an e-mail, you must properly configure the SharePoint Outgoing e-mail settings.

  1. In a Web browser, open the SharePoint (WSS v3) site where you want to implement this workflow. First, you need to create two document libraries — Documents for Review and Approved Documents — for storing the documents.

  2. Choose Site Actions Create in the ...

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