Chapter 20. Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer


Exploring the Workflow Designer interface

Investigating the SharePoint Designer workflow files

Using conditions in Workflow Designer

Working with workflow actions

If you're a Web designer or an information worker interested in designing workflows on SharePoint sites and don't really want to write custom code for implementing them, SharePoint Designer may be the ideal tool for you. You can declaratively create sequential workflows for SharePoint sites by using Workflow Designer, which is provided with SharePoint Designer. Workflow Designer, which is available only for SharePoint sites, both WSS v3 and MOSS, is the tool that SharePoint Designer provides to create workflows, associate them with SharePoint lists and libraries, check for errors in workflows, and deploy them to SharePoint sites.

The workflow feature of SharePoint Designer is made possible by the fact that SharePoint workflows can be compiled at runtime just before the first time they run on a SharePoint Web site. Using the Workflow Designer interface, Web designers can visually create workflows. Internally, SharePoint Designer creates some special files that store information about the workflow configuration and settings made by using the Workflow Designer user interface. SharePoint Designer uploads these files into a special document library inside a SharePoint Web site. SharePoint Designer also makes use of the capabilities of SharePoint to associate ...

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