23.1. Importing and Exporting Web Sites

When you choose File Import in SharePoint Designer, you can either import files and folders into your Web site or import Web sites that have been packaged into Web Packages by using SharePoint Designer. To import files into your Web site, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Web site in SharePoint Designer. This can be either your local Web site or a remote Web site residing on a Web server.

  2. Choose File Import File to open the Import dialog box, as shown in Figure 23.1.

    Figure 23.1. The Import dialog box
  3. To add files from your local computer to the Web site location, click Add File.

  4. Choose the files you want to import in the Add Files to Import List dialog box and then click Open. The files are displayed in the Import dialog box. You can click Add Folder to add a folder (including content) to the import list. Clicking From Site takes you to the Import Web Site Wizard.

  5. Click OK to import the files and folders into your Web site.

The files and folders you choose to import are now added to your Web site. If the files you're trying to import already exist ...

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