23.2. Publishing Web Sites

SharePoint Designer offers a robust and extensive Web content publishing mechanism that allows you to move content to and from a variety of Web server types. Whether your remote Web site location is an FTP, WebDAV, or FPSE site or just a local folder on the file system, publishing interfaces using SharePoint Designer look fairly similar. You can choose to either publish content from a remote to local Web site, a local to remote Web site, or just synchronize contents between two Web site locations.

To publish content, simply choose File Publish Site or use the Remote Web Site pane in SharePoint Designer. After you specify the location of the remote Web site by using the Remote Web Site Properties dialog box, you're taken to the Publishing pane. It's here that you can choose to either move files to and from one location to another or publish the complete Web site. You can also choose the direction of the publishing in this pane.

23.2.1. Using the Publishing pane

To see the active Publishing pane of SharePoint Designer, you first need to specify the remote location for the publishing operation. If you've never used the publishing interface in SharePoint Designer before, when you choose File Publish Site, you're taken to the Remote Web Site Properties dialog ...

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