12.2. Working with Styles

SharePoint Designer provides you with a new, intuitive user interface to create, modify, and apply CSS on Web pages. The new interface includes a number of task panes that can be used to authoritatively implement advanced style sheets on Web sites. In this section, I help you understand how to use SharePoint Designer to apply and manage styles for your Web sites. While the New Dialog box allows you to choose from a list of CSS templates on which to base your CSS files, I show you how you can create styles in new style sheets from scratch.

However, before discussing the SharePoint Designer interface to create and modify styles, I want to take you through some general settings for CSS in SharePoint Designer. The Page Editor Options dialog box, available by choosing Tools Page Editor Options, allows you to set some specifics that you want SharePoint Designer to follow while working with CSS on Web sites.

As shown in Figure 12.5, the Authoring tab in the Page Editor Options dialog box allows you to set the CSS schema that SharePoint Designer should follow when providing you with suggestions related to CSS properties and attributes in the Code view. While SharePoint Designer chose the CSS 2.1 schema, you might want to set this to the preferred schema for your Web site's CSS implementation.

As shown in Figure 12.6, the CSS tab in the Page Editor Options dialog ...

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