Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Inside Out

Book description

Get expert advice and learn how to master Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007—from the inside out! This book packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds, all in concise, fast-answer format. Includes a companion CD.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the CD
  3. Conventions and Features Used in This Book
  4. Introduction
  5. Introduction to Microsoft Office Visio 2007
    1. Getting Started with Visio 2007
      1. What Is Visio?
      2. What’s New in This Release
      3. Starting with the Diagram Type You Want
      4. Touring the Visio 2007 Window
      5. Finding the Information You Need
      6. Opening Visio 2007 Documents
    2. Quickly Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
      1. Creating a Diagram
      2. Adding Shapes to a Diagram
      3. Identifying Parts of a Shape
      4. Laying Out Shapes on the Page
      5. Adding and Editing Pages
      6. Choosing a Theme
    3. Connecting Shapes
      1. Adding Connectors to Your Diagrams
      2. Dragging Connectors from Shapes
      3. Laying Out Shapes Automatically
      4. Adding Connection Points to Shapes
      5. Controlling Connections with Glue
    4. Adding Text to Shapes and Diagrams
      1. Adding Text
      2. Selecting and Editing Text
      3. Creating Tables and Lists
      4. Formatting Text
      5. Changing the Position of a Shape’s Text
      6. Finding and Correcting Text
      7. Using Visio 2007 Shapes to Display Text
      8. Adding Text to Headers and Footers
      9. Creating Text Fields to Display Information
    5. Using Visio Diagrams on the Web
      1. Visio 2007 and the Web
      2. Linking Visio 2007 Shapes and Pages
      3. Exporting Visio 2007 Diagrams for Use on the Web
      4. Integrating with SharePoint Services
    6. Storing Data in Diagrams
      1. Working with Shape Data
      2. Entering Data in Shapes
      3. Defining Shape Data
      4. Using Shape Data Sets
      5. Creating Reports
    7. Using Visio Diagrams with Other Programs
      1. Working with Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
      2. Linking a Diagram to a Microsoft Office Document
      3. Embedding a Diagram in a Microsoft Office Document
      4. Exporting Shapes and Diagrams
      5. Importing Information from Other Programs
    8. Saving and Printing Your Work
      1. Saving a Diagram
      2. Protecting a Visio 2007 Document
      3. Sending Diagrams in E-Mail
      4. Printing Diagrams of Any Size
      5. Previewing Before You Print
  6. Inside Business Diagrams
    1. Creating Flowcharts
      1. Understanding Flowcharts in Visio 2007
      2. Creating a Basic Flowchart
      3. Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart
      4. Showing Cause and Effect
      5. Creating Multiple-Page Flowcharts
      6. Polishing a Flowchart for Maximum Impact
    2. Visualizing an Organization
      1. Understanding Organization Charts in Visio 2007
      2. Creating an Organization Chart Manually
      3. Importing Organizational Data to Create a Chart
      4. Working with an Organization Chart
      5. Working with Multiple-Page Organization Charts
      6. Comparing Charts and Creating Reports
      7. Formatting an Organization Chart
      8. Data Graphics
    3. Displaying Relationships and Processes in Block Diagrams
      1. Choosing a Block Diagram
      2. Showing Hierarchies with Block Diagram Shapes
      3. Showing Relationships in an Onion Diagram
      4. Showing Concepts with 3-D Block Diagrams
    4. Tracking Projects and Schedules
      1. Project Scheduling in Visio 2007
      2. Creating a Project Timeline
      3. Creating Monthly and Yearly Calendars
      4. Viewing Projects with PERT Charts
      5. Scheduling Projects with Gantt Charts
    5. Adding Impact to PowerPoint Presentations
      1. Using Visio 2007 Shapes and Diagrams in Presentations
      2. Formatting Visio 2007 Diagrams for PowerPoint Slides
      3. Pasting and Embedding a Diagram on a Slide
      4. Linking Visio 2007 and PowerPoint
      5. Animating and Building Visio 2007 Diagrams in PowerPoint 2007
      6. Using PowerPoint 2007 Clip Art and Images in Visio 2007
      7. Delivering a Slide Show in Visio 2007
  7. Inside Network Diagrams
    1. Creating Network Diagrams
      1. Starting a Network Diagram
      2. Defining Network Topology
      3. Customizing Network Shapes
      4. Creating Multiple-Page Network Diagrams
      5. Tracking and Reporting on Network Equipment
      6. Creating a Directory Diagram
    2. Planning and Mapping Web Sites
      1. Understanding the Web Site Map Template
      2. Creating a Site Map
      3. Changing Site Mapping Settings
      4. Customizing Web Site Shapes
      5. Modifying Web Site Maps
      6. Troubleshooting Web Sites
  8. Inside Scaled Drawings
    1. Measuring and Dimensioning with Precision
      1. Setting Up Measurements in a Diagram
      2. Positioning Shapes Precisely
      3. Aligning and Moving Shapes with Guides
      4. Aligning Shapes to Each Other
      5. Calculating and Displaying Dimensions
      6. Displaying Custom Measurements
      7. Controlling Shapes with Layers
    2. Using CAD Drawings in Visio 2007
      1. How Visio 2007 Works with CAD Programs
      2. Importing CAD Drawings in Visio 2007
      3. Modifying Inserted CAD Drawings
      4. Converting CAD Drawings into Visio 2007 Format
      5. Converting Visio 2007 Diagrams into CAD Format
    3. Laying Out Floor and Site Plans
      1. Starting with a Basic Floor Plan
      2. Starting from an Existing Floor Plan
      3. Using Space Shapes to Start a Floor Plan
      4. Adding Interior Walls and Cubicles
      5. Adding Doors, Windows, and Openings
      6. Adding Building Services
      7. Creating Site and Landscaping Plans
      8. Adding Dimensions to Floor and Site Plans
  9. Inside Database and Software Diagrams
    1. Diagramming and Documenting Databases
      1. Modeling Relational and Object-Relational Databases
      2. Reverse Engineering an Existing Database
      3. Modifying a Database Model
    2. Diagramming Software Systems
      1. Deciding Which Software Solution to Use
      2. Modeling Software Systems Using UML
      3. Creating a New UML Model
      4. Defining Common Model Properties
      5. Reverse Engineering Source Code
  10. Inside the Visio Platform
    1. Customizing Shapes and Solutions
      1. Mastering Visio 2007 Documents
      2. Visio 2007 and XML File Formats
      3. Understanding Shapes and Masters
      4. Customizing Templates
      5. Protecting File Settings
      6. Programming Solutions with VBA
    2. Drawing and Editing to Create New Shapes
      1. Understanding Shape Geometry
      2. Identifying Shape Behavior
      3. Drawing Lines
      4. Drawing Curves
      5. Merging Shapes to Create New Ones
      6. Working with Groups
    3. Defining Styles, Patterns, and Colors
      1. Understanding Text, Line, and Fill Styles
      2. Using Themes
      3. Creating and Editing Styles
      4. Setting Default Styles for Drawing
      5. Creating Your Own Line and Fill Patterns
      6. Working with Color in Visio 2007
    4. Connecting Diagrams and Databases
      1. About Visio 2007 and Databases
      2. Connecting to an ODBC Data Source
      3. Exporting Shape Data to a Database
      4. Linking Shapes and Databases
      5. Managing Linked Shapes
    5. Making Shapes Smart
      1. Using the ShapeSheet Window
      2. Writing ShapeSheet Formulas
      3. Exploring Shape Geometry
      4. Defining Double-Click Actions for Shapes
      5. Adding Shortcut Commands to Shapes
  11. Inside Technical Diagrams
    1. Managing Facilities with Space Plans
      1. About Space Plans
      2. Displaying a Floor Plan in a Space Plan
      3. Defining Spaces in a Floor Plan
      4. Using the Import Data Wizard
      5. Using the Space Plan Startup Wizard
      6. Adding and Associating Resources
      7. Formatting the Data in Your Space Plan
      8. Finding and Moving People and Resources
      9. Saving Space Plans on the Web
      10. Creating Space and Asset Reports
    2. Diagramming for Mechanical, Electrical, and Process Engineering
      1. Engineering Solutions in Visio Professional 2007
      2. Creating Mechanical Engineering Drawings
      3. Creating Electrical Schematics
      4. Using the Process Engineering Templates
      5. Creating P&IDs and PFDs
      6. Adding Data to Components
      7. Labeling, Tagging, and Numbering Components
      8. Creating Pipeline, Valve, and Other Reports
      9. Converting Shapes and CAD Symbols into Components
  12. Appendixes
    1. Installing Microsoft Office Visio 2007
      1. Installing Visio 2007
      2. Activating a New Installation of Visio 2007
      3. Running the Setup Program to Maintain Visio 2007
    2. Template and Stencil Reference
      1. Templates and Stencils in Visio 2007 Standard Edition
      2. Templates and Stencils in Visio 2007 Professional Edition
  13. Index to Troubleshooting Topics
  14. Choose the Right Book for You
    1. Published and Upcoming Titles
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Inside Out
  • Author(s): Mark H. Walker
  • Release date: May 2007
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735623293