Creating a Basic Flowchart

The template name is Basic, but the diagrams you can create with it don’t have to be. In general, the Basic Flowchart template is useful for showing items or steps in a process. When should you create a flowchart?

  • To capture a bird’s-eye view of an entire process

  • To identify the critical points, bottlenecks, or problem areas in a process

  • To see how each step in a process is related to another

  • To document the ideal flow of a process from start to finish

  • To design a new work process

Basic flowchart shapes are designed to work with the automatic layout tools in Visio 2007. The quickest way to create a flowchart in Visio 2007 is to drag shapes onto the page, type your text, and then with a single command have Visio 2007 connect ...

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