Importing CAD Drawings in Visio 2007

The easiest way to work with a CAD drawing in Visio 2007 is to import it as a display-only object rather than convert it to Visio 2007 shapes. After importing a CAD file, you can drag Visio 2007 shapes onto it, add annotations or text for comments, rescale it, crop and pan it, and hide and show its layers or levels. However, you can’t edit the CAD drawing itself. For example, when you want to review and annotate a CAD file without changing the original, import it in Visio 2007, mark changes, and then save the results in Visio 2007 or CAD format.

Typically, CAD files are imported for the following reasons:

  • An architectural drawing of a floor plan already exists, and you want to use it as a background for adding ...

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