Visio 2007 and XML File Formats

Since the 2002 edition, Visio has supported Extensible Markup Language (XML) file formats. XML goes beyond HTML in describing file content and has quickly become a new standard for Web-based data. In Visio 2007, the .vdx (drawing file), .vsx (stencil file), and .vtx (template file) extensions are the XML equivalents of .vsd, .vss, and .vst. You can export and import Visio 2007 files in XML format by using the standard Save As and Open commands on the File menu, as Figure 21-7 shows. In the Save As or Open dialog box, choose the appropriate XML format in the Save As Type or Files Of Type list.

Figure 21-7. In the Save As dialog box, the XML file formats appear in the Save As Type list.

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