Drawing Lines

To draw a straight line, you can use the Pencil tool or the Line tool. The Pencil tool responds to the direction of the mouse. If you drag in a curving motion, Visio 2007 draws an arc. If you drag in a straight line, Visio 2007 draws a line segment. (See Figure 22-9.) If you’re like a lot of people, you try to drag in a straight line and end up with an arc anyway. Fortunately, you can convert arcs to lines and vice versa—or you can use the Line tool, which always creates a straight line.

Figure 22-9. As you drag with the Pencil tool, the pointer provides useful feedback by changing to show whether you’re creating an arc or a line.

To create consecutive line segments at once, drag with the Pencil or Line tool to draw the first ...

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