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Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Step by Step

Book Description

The smart way to learn the latest version of Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007—one step at a time! Build exactly the skills you need by working at your own pace through easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on practice files on CD.

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft® Office Visio® 2007 Step by Step
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    2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    3. What’s New in Visio 2007?
    4. Features and Conventions of This Book
    5. Getting Help
      1. Getting Help with This Book and Its CD
      2. Getting Help with Microsoft Office Visio 2007
      3. More Information
    6. Using the Book’s CD-ROM
      1. Minimum System Requirements
      2. Installing the Practice Files
      3. Using the Practice Files
      4. Uninstalling the Practice Files
    7. Quick Reference
      1. 1. Getting Started with Visio 2007
      2. 2. Adding Shapes to Diagrams
      3. 3. Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
      4. 4. Connecting Shapes
      5. 5. Creating Project Schedules
      6. 6. Creating Organization Charts
      7. 7. Laying Out Office Spaces
      8. 8. Creating Network Diagrams
    8. 1. Getting Started with Visio 2007
      1. Starting Diagrams by Using Templates
      2. Working Within the Visio Environment
      3. Customizing the Visio Environment
      4. Getting Visio and Diagram Help
      5. Key Points
    9. 2. Adding Shapes to Diagrams
      1. Working with 1-D and 2-D Shapes
      2. Adding Text to Shapes and the Drawing Page
      3. Moving, Sizing, Rotating, and Copying Shapes
      4. Working with Groups
      5. Finding Shapes for Diagrams
      6. Inserting Pictures into Diagrams
      7. Key Points
    10. 3. Formatting Shapes and Diagrams
      1. Formatting Individual Shapes
      2. Adding Decorative Elements to Diagrams
        1. Using Shapes that Include Dates
      3. Applying Themes to Entire Diagrams
      4. Key Points
    11. 4. Connecting Shapes
      1. Connecting Shapes in Flowcharts
      2. Modifying Shape Connections
      3. Changing the Layout of Connected Shapes
      4. Key Points
    12. 5. Creating Project Schedules
      1. Creating Timelines to View Projects at a Glance
      2. Exporting Timelines to Create Gantt Charts
      3. Tracking Project Details with Gantt Charts
      4. Key Points
    13. 6. Creating Organization Charts
      1. Importing Data to Create Organization Charts
      2. Storing and Displaying Employee Information in Organization Charts
      3. Customizing the Layout of Organization Charts
      4. Key Points
    14. 7. Laying Out Office Spaces
      1. Creating Scaled Office Spaces
      2. Adding Door, Window, and Furniture Shapes to Office Layouts
      3. Organizing Shapes in Office Layouts by Using Layers
      4. Key Points
    15. 8. Creating Network Diagrams
      1. Connecting Shapes in Network Diagrams
      2. Storing Information with Network Shapes
      3. Creating Network Reports
      4. Key Points
    16. Glossary
    17. About the Authors
    18. Choose the Right Book for You
      1. Published and Upcoming Titles
        1. Plain & Simple
        2. Step by Step
        3. Inside Out
        4. Other Titles
    19. Index
    20. About the Authors
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