6.6. Visio 2007: Data Mining Cluster Diagram

Visio 2007 provides the final presentation of our SQL Server 2005 Data Mining model. Having used the Excel 2007 Data Mining add-in Client tool to accomplish cluster analysis, we can now display the resulting model that was saved to SQL Server.

Figure 6-33 shows how we start this process with Visio 2007.

  1. Click the Cluster icon in the Visio Shapes list, and drag it onto the Visio sheet.

  2. Choose the Analysis Services connection used earlier for the Excel Cluster analysis.

  3. Choose the Example Clustering_ Toxic Data Mining model saved earlier in the Excel Cluster analysis.

Figure 6-33. Visio 2007 Data Mining cluster

In Figure 6-33 you see a set of Data Mining Shapes in the left pane that are part of the ...

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