Chapter 2. Installing and Using Outlook


  • Installing and activating Outlook

  • Understanding the Outlook screen

  • Using Outlook help

The first thing required before you start using Outlook is, of course, to install the program on your computer. This may have already been done for you, but if not there's nothing to worry about because it's a simple process. Next you should become familiar with the Outlook screen and the way you use the screen elements to accomplish tasks. If you have some computer experience this may seem like old hat to you, but given the changes to the user interface it might still be worth your while to give this section a quick look-over. Finally, this chapter takes a look at how you can use Outlook's online help to get detailed information about program operation.

Your Outlook Installation

Many users will already have Outlook installed on their computer. If you are using Outlook at your place of employment this will probably be the case, and even if it's not, you can be pretty sure that the IT department will want to do the installation themselves. Or perhaps you bought a new computer for use at home with Outlook already installed.

Seeing Whether Outlook Is Installed

If you are not sure whether Outlook is installed, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button.

  2. Click All Programs.

  3. Click the Microsoft Office menu item.

  4. On the final menu, look for a Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 menu item.

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