Chapter 6. Working with Advanced Email Message Components and Editing Tools


  • Inserting pictures and other objects in a message

  • Using hyperlinks and bookmarks

  • Working with tables

  • Using proofing and editing tools

An Outlook email message is not limited to the formatting options covered in Chapter 5. Many of the most powerful things you can do with a message you are creating is to insert objects. This is a general term for all the various elements that Outlook lets you insert in a message—tables, pictures, clip art, and animations, just to name a few. This chapter also covers some of the advanced editing and proofing tools that Outlook provides.

If you have any experience using Word 2007, you will notice a lot of similarity between it and the Outlook editor. That's because the two programs share the same editing engine, so most of the editing capabilities you have in Word are also available in Outlook.

Adding Objects to Messages

Email messages that you create with Outlook can be very sophisticated. They can include a variety of objects—a generic term for elements such as images and clip art. This section provides an overview of inserting these objects into your messages. It starts with an overview of what kinds of objects are available. Tables, which are a special kind of object, get their own section later in the chapter. You cannot add objects to plain text format messages.

Adding an object is not the same as attaching something to a message. When you add an object to a message, ...

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