Microsoft PolyBase Concepts and Configuration: Binding SQL Server and Other Platforms into a Single Data Source

Video description

This video provides an overview of PolyBase, Microsoft's technology for data virtualization. Modern data platform environments require that we deal with an increasingly heterogeneous array of technologies spanning the SQL and NoSQL worlds, including SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, and more. Whether you are a database developer or administrator, application developer, business analyst, or data scientist, the allure of data virtualization through PolyBase is obvious:  one central location where data may be queried regardless of where it lives.

You will learn from this video the high-level concepts associated with PolyBase, starting with its origins and key benefits. You will see how to install and configure PolyBase for SQL Server 2019, and how to prepare for integration with various data platform technologies.  From there, you will learn the three key concepts and external object types in PolyBase: external data sources, external file formats, and external tables.  Finally, after understanding each of the three external object types, you will see how Microsoft makes it easy to write queries in one consistent language to access data from a variety of data sources, including from competing database brands.

What You Will Learn
  • Become familiar with the concept of data virtualization
  • Discover where PolyBase fits in the SQL Server ecosystem
  • Configure your SQL Server environment to work with PolyBase
  • Specify configuration options for connecting to a Hadoop cluster
  • Understand how external data sources, file formats, and tables work
  • Query from many data sources at once using a single, T-SQL query

Who This Video Is For

Data platform specialists working on multiple data platforms who want to use one unifying language to tie those platforms together. For SQL Server and T-SQL professionals wanting to seamlessly query from other and even competing platforms using their preferred language. For data professionals wanting to combine the power of SQL Server with that of Hadoop.

Table of contents

  1. Overview 00:00:51
  2. What is PolyBase? 00:05:27
  3. Installing PolyBase 00:06:35
  4. Data Virtualization 00:03:52
  5. PolyBase V2 Configuration 00:04:21
  6. Hadoop Configuration 00:10:11
  7. External Data Sources 00:06:45
  8. External File Formats 00:06:52
  9. External Tables 00:06:01
  10. Testing T-SQL 00:06:46
  11. Conclusion 00:02:00

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft PolyBase Concepts and Configuration: Binding SQL Server and Other Platforms into a Single Data Source
  • Author(s): Kevin Feasel
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484261910