Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)

Video description

In this computer based training course, expert author Guy Vaccaro teaches you how to get the most out of PowerPoint 2011 for the Mac. Rather than sit through a tour of the interface however, Guy guides you through creating and presenting different PowerPoints presentations, and along the way you will learn to master this powerful program.
Starting with a simple presentation, you learn about planning your presentation to start. You then learn how to add, and customize slides slides with text and images, as well as basic animations. As the video tutorial continues, you will create a sales presentation, adding charts, transitions and slide notes. You will then explore a stand along presentation, getting more in-depth with organizational charts, animations and music. You will also create slideshows, and build a non-linear presentation with action buttons.
By the conclusion of this Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 video training course, you will be an expert at creating, an presenting your slideshows using PowerPoint. Working files are included, to allow you to use the exact same materials that the author is using the course.

Table of contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. What Will My Final Projects Look Like?
    2. Using The Included Working Files
    3. About The Author
  2. Creating A Simple Presentation
    1. Planning The Content
    2. Starting The Presentation And Saving The File
    3. Save Variations
    4. Adding Additional Slides
    5. Adding Content And Customizing Bullets
    6. Images Bring Colour To Your Presentation
    7. Say YES With WordArt
    8. Changing The Theme Design
    9. Animating Your Presentation
    10. Presenting The Slideshow
  3. Generating A Sales Presentation
    1. Do I Choose A Supplied Template Or Design My Own
    2. Creating And Customizing The Slide Master
    3. Adding Slides And Slide Content
    4. Using Clip Art To Bring Color
    5. Charts On Slides
    6. SmartArt Graphics For Vibrant Presentations
    7. Slide Master Helps Control Date And Footer Placement
    8. Usefulness Of PowerPoint Slide Notes
    9. Embedding A Movie Clip
    10. Transitions And Animations
    11. Running The Presentation
  4. Create A Stand Alone Presentation
    1. Planning A Standalone Presentation
    2. Using The Plan To Setup The Presentation
    3. Adding Text And Image Content
    4. The Addition Of An Organization Chart
    5. An Organization Chart With Photos
    6. Generating A Sales Graph
    7. Slide Transition And Duration Settings
    8. Animating All The Objects On The Slides
    9. Recording Narration For The Presentation
    10. Background Music For The Presentation
    11. Setting Continuous Playback
    12. Exporting And Distributing The Presentation
  5. Running A Slideshow
    1. Preparation Before The Big Day
    2. Running The Show Tips And Tricks
    3. Broadcasting Your Presentation On The Web
  6. Making A Presentation Interactive
    1. What Is A Non Linear Presentation
    2. Building The Content Of The Interactive Presentation
    3. Adding Yes/No Buttons
    4. Using Images As Action Buttons
    5. Global Action Buttons
    6. Opening External Files And URLs
    7. Triggering Other Applications
    8. Saving And Distributing Your Interactive Slideshow
  7. SkyDrive
    1. Get Started With SkyDrive
    2. Saving SlideShows To SkyDrive
    3. Tell Others Where The Slideshows Are Online
    4. Editing A SkyDrive PowerPoint Document
    5. Running A SlideShow In SkyDrive
    6. Removing PowerPoint Files From SkyDrive
  8. Next Steps
    1. Summary And Recap
    2. What Next?

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2011
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781926873527