Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Plain & Simple

Book description

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to solve a problem or learn a skill, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. You'll analyze, manage, and share information in more ways than ever before.

Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:

  • Create dynamic presentations for your audience

  • Include charts, tables, clip art, and other graphics

  • Add video clips and CD music

  • Animate slide and add transition effects

  • Edit and polish your presentations with ease

  • Create speaker notes and record narration

  • Here’s HOW you’ll learn it:

  • Jump in whenever you need answers

  • Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do

  • Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts

  • Quick TRY THIS! Exercises help apply what you learn right away

  • Table of contents

    1. Dedication
    2. 1. About this book
      1. No computerese!
        1. Just the essential tasks...
        2. ...and the easiest way to do them
      2. A quick overview
      3. A few assumptions
      4. What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?
      5. Using a touch-enabled system
      6. The final word
    3. 2. What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?
      1. Launching PowerPoint 2013
        1. Start PowerPoint from the Windows 8 Start screen
        2. Start PowerPoint in Windows 7
      2. What’s where in PowerPoint 2013?
      3. Understanding touch gestures
      4. Using the ribbon
        1. Display tabs and panes
      5. Using new Normal view features
        1. Show or hide the Notes pane
        2. Control the Thumbnails pane
      6. Using other new view features
        1. Control ribbon display
        2. Start working at the previous slide
      7. Commenting and using widescreen
        1. Use the new Comments pane
        2. Work in 16:9 format
      8. Incorporating online pictures
        1. Insert online pictures
      9. Including online video and audio
        1. Insert online video
        2. Insert online audio
      10. Taking advantage of theme variants, Smart Guides, and merge shapes
        1. Preview and select a theme variant
        2. Use Smart Guides
        3. Merge shapes
      11. Working in the cloud
        1. Save a presentation to your SkyDrive
        2. Share a presentation from your SkyDrive
      12. Presenting slide shows
        1. Using the improved Presenter view
        2. Presenting online
    4. 3. Getting started with PowerPoint 2013
      1. What’s where in PowerPoint 2013?
      2. Using the ribbon
        1. Display tabs and panes
      3. Working with the mini toolbar
        1. Display and use the mini toolbar
      4. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
        1. Add and arrange Quick Access toolbar buttons
      5. Applying design choices
        1. Preview and apply design elements with galleries
      6. Updating a presentation with a theme and a variant
        1. Apply a theme and variant
      7. Getting Help
        1. Use Help
    5. 4. Creating presentations
      1. Creating a presentation
        1. Open a blank presentation or one with a theme
        2. Open a template
      2. Finding and opening existing presentations
        1. Open a presentation
        2. Open a presentation from your SkyDrive
      3. Moving among views
      4. Using Reading view
        1. Use Reading view
      5. Sizing panes in Normal view
        1. Resize a pane
        2. Close and redisplay the Thumbnails and Notes panes
      6. Viewing multiple slides in Slide Sorter view
        1. Display Slide Sorter view and show more slides
      7. Running a presentation in Slide Show view
        1. Start, advance, and end
      8. Saving a PowerPoint presentation
        1. Save a presentation
        2. Save a presentation to your SkyDrive
      9. Closing a PowerPoint presentation
        1. Close a Presentation
    6. 5. Working with slide masters
      1. Understanding how slide masters work
      2. Displaying and navigating the slide master
        1. Display and navigate masters
      3. Making changes to a slide master
        1. Insert footer information
        2. Add a layout
      4. Changing the background and master graphics
        1. Work with master graphics
        2. Change the master background
      5. Renaming and deleting slide layouts
        1. Rename a layout
        2. Delete a Layout
      6. Inserting and removing slide masters
        1. Insert additional masters
        2. Delete additional masters
      7. Working with the handout master
        1. Work with the Handout Master
      8. Working with the notes master
        1. Work with notes master
    7. 6. Building a presentation
      1. Understanding how to build a presentation
      2. Adding a slide
        1. Insert a new slide
      3. Building slide content
        1. Enter text on slides
        2. Cut, copy, and paste text
      4. Adding special content
        1. Insert a symbol
        2. Insert the date and time
      5. Working with text
        1. Edit text
        2. Undo and redo an action
      6. Making text corrections
        1. Find and replace text
        2. Correct Obvious Typographical Errors
      7. Selecting Placeholders
        1. Use the Selection pane
      8. Changing placeholder formatting
        1. Align placeholder contents
        2. Format placeholders
    8. 7. Building a presentation outline
      1. Understanding the relationship of the outline to slides
      2. Working with the outline
        1. Display Outline view
      3. Adding text in the Outline pane
        1. Add a slide title
        2. Promote and demote outline text
      4. Viewing and rearranging outline contents
        1. Expand and collapse the outline
        2. Move slides or text up and down in an outline
      5. Working with outline contents
        1. Turn formatting on and off in an outline
        2. Insert a Word outline into PowerPoint
    9. 8. Managing and viewing slides
      1. Navigating slides in Normal view
        1. Display slides
      2. Deleting slides in Slide Sorter view
        1. Delete slides
      3. Managing slides in Slide Sorter view
        1. Copy and paste slides
        2. Duplicate and move slides
      4. Hiding and unhiding slides
        1. Hide slides
        2. Unhide slides
      5. Working with sections
        1. Add a section
        2. Rename or delete a section
    10. 9. Adjusting slide appearance
      1. Understanding what slide layouts and themes control
      2. Applying a layout
        1. Apply a different layout to a slide
      3. Working with themes
        1. Change the theme
      4. Changing theme colors and fonts
        1. Select a different theme color scheme
        2. Change theme fonts
      5. Changing slide backgrounds and sizes
        1. Change the background color and hide graphics
        2. Change the slide size
    11. 10. Inserting media and drawing objects
      1. Working with tables
        1. Insert a table in a content placeholder
        2. Insert rows and columns
      2. Formatting tables
        1. Modify table borders
        2. Align text in cells
      3. Modifying tables
        1. Merge cells
        2. Delete rows, columns, or the table
      4. Creating a chart
        1. Insert a chart
      5. Modifying a chart
        1. Change chart style and layout
        2. Display or hide the chart legend
      6. Including online pictures in your presentation
        1. Insert online pictures
      7. Inserting a picture from your SkyDrive
        1. Insert a picture from your SkyDrive
      8. Creating visual text effects by using WordArt
        1. Insert WordArt
        2. Apply effects to WordArt
      9. Working with SmartArt
        1. Insert SmartArt
        2. Add text to SmartArt
      10. Working with local pictures
        1. Insert a picture from a file
        2. Crop a picture
      11. Inserting local media objects
        1. Insert video or audio from a file
      12. Including online video
        1. Insert online video
      13. Creating a photo album
        1. Insert a new photo album
      14. Drawing shapes and text boxes
        1. Draw a shape
        2. Add a text box
    12. 11. Formatting text and objects
      1. Applying text basics
        1. Select a font
        2. Change text size
      2. Formatting text
        1. Change text color
        2. Apply attributes to text
      3. Formatting an object fill
        1. Apply a fill color, gradient, or texture
      4. Working with shape outlines and effects
        1. Change the shape outline
        2. Apply a shape effect
      5. Resizing and deleting objects
        1. Resize objects
        2. Delete objects
      6. Rotating and flipping objects
        1. Rotate an object
        2. Flip an object
      7. Grouping and ungrouping objects
        1. Group and ungroup objects
      8. Changing the order of and merging objects
        1. Change object order
        2. Merge objects
      9. Working with picture tools
        1. Adjust brightness or contrast
        2. Recolor a picture
      10. Using video tools
        1. Apply video formats
        2. Set up video playback
    13. 12. Adding transitions and animations
      1. Applying a transition
        1. Apply a transition scheme to a slide
        2. Apply a transition to all slides
      2. Adding sound to a transition
        1. Add sound
      3. Modifying transition speed
        1. Set the speed for transitions
      4. Choosing how to advance a slide
        1. Select a method to advance a slide
        2. Apply a transition effect
      5. Applying a custom animation to an object
        1. Add an animation effect to an object
        2. Modify animation settings
      6. Reordering animations
        1. Reorder effects
      7. Using Animation Painter
        1. Copy animations by using Animation Painter
      8. Previewing an animation
        1. Preview animations
    14. 13. Finalizing your slide show
      1. Checking your presentation’s spelling
        1. Check spelling
      2. Selecting the right word by using the Thesaurus
        1. Use the Thesaurus
      3. Working with comments
        1. Add Comments
        2. Show, hide, and delete comments
      4. Choosing the slide show type and options
        1. Set the show type
        2. Specify show options
      5. Choosing slides and an advance method
        1. Specify which slides to include
        2. Set up slide advance
      6. Rehearsing your presentation
        1. Add a narration
      7. Saving your rehearsal timings
        1. Save timings
      8. Taking a presentation with you
        1. Save a presentation to portable media
      9. Sending a presentation by email for review
        1. Send a presentation by email
    15. 14. Running a presentation
      1. Starting your slide show
        1. Start a show
        2. Start a custom show
      2. Using Slide Show view controls
        1. Display slide show controls
        2. Zoom part of the current slide
      3. Navigating in a slide show
        1. Move to the next and previous slide
        2. Go to a particular slide
      4. Working with the Pen tool and annotations
        1. Choose a pen style and color
        2. Make annotations on slides
      5. Erasing and saving annotations
        1. Erase annotations on slides
        2. Save annotations
      6. Using presenter view
        1. Start a presentation in Presenter view
        2. Use the Presenter view controls
      7. Switching programs and ending a show
        1. Switch to another program
        2. End a show
    16. 15. Printing a presentation
      1. Displaying information in headers and footers
        1. Insert headers or footers
      2. Using Print Preview
        1. Display Print Preview
        2. Navigate Print Preview
      3. Establishing printer and paper settings
        1. Choose a printer and paper options
      4. Choosing slides and a print format
        1. Select the slides to print
        2. Choose the format to print
      5. Setting the number of copies and printing
        1. Set the number of copies and print
    17. 16. Sharing a presentation
      1. Saving a presentation to the cloud
        1. Save to your SkyDrive
        2. Share a presentation from your SkyDrive
      2. Presenting online
        1. Start and share the online presentation
        2. Run and close the online presentation
      3. Saving in other formats for sharing
        1. Save a presentation as a PDF file
        2. Create a video
    18. 17. Introducing advanced PowerPoint topics
      1. Saving your own PowerPoint templates
        1. Save a presentation as a template
        2. Use your template
      2. Creating custom shows
        1. Create a custom show
        2. Run a custom show
      3. Removing hidden data by using the Document Inspector
        1. Remove hidden data
      4. Purchasing and using a digital signature
        1. Buy and use a third-party digital signature product
      5. Customizing the ribbon
        1. Add buttons to the ribbon
        2. Remove or rearrange tools
    19. A. About the Author
    20. Index
    21. About the Author
    22. Copyright

    Product information

    • Title: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Plain & Simple
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: March 2013
    • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
    • ISBN: 9780735672840