Chapter 18. Project Server and the Administrator


  • Double-checking the settings

  • Managing users

  • Working with views

  • Working with the Enterprise Global template

  • Setting up and editing enterprise resources

  • Importing projects

  • Managing timesheel and task settings

  • Customizing Project Web Access

  • Housekeeping chores

In Chapter 16, you reviewed design issues and approaches to successfully implementing Project Server. In Chapter 17, you went through the process of installing and configuring the software that is necessary to use a Project Server database. In this chapter, you explore setting up and customizing the Project Server environment to meet your organization's needs.

During this stage where you set up and customize the Project Server environment, you need [he skills of the following types of people:

  • An information technology (IT) person with background in hardware, networking, and connectivity

  • A project management (PM) person with extensive knowledge of your organization's needs while managing Projects

After the design and implementation team has identified certain components that your organization will use, the IT person can work independently on some tasks while, at the same time, the PM person works independently on other tasks. To complete the setup, these two individuals will probably work together. As you read the tasks in this chapter, you can decide who should perform each task.

This chapter is organized to present tasks in the order that they need to be done. Doing things in ...

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