Chapter 7

Creating Resources


Bullet Understanding work and material resources

Bullet Creating resources to complete your project

Bullet Setting resource availability

Bullet Benefitting from resource groups and shared resources

Projects utilize people, equipment, and materials, and these people, equipment, and materials are called project resources.

Using resources wisely is the delicate art of combining the right resources with the right skills and assigning those resources to invest the right amount of time (or units) for tasks. And you have to do this without overbooking anyone or anything at any point in the schedule.

A resource, because it affects timing and costs, is a big deal in Project. For this reason, many tools are available to help you create resources, specify how and when they’ll work, assign them to tasks, manage their costs, and manipulate their workload. The first step in working with resources is to create them and enter certain information about them. That’s what this chapter is all about.

Resources: People, Places, and Things

Many people hear the word resources and think ...

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