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Microsoft Public Cloud Services: Setting up your business in the cloud

Book Description

Use Microsoft cloud services to help build a more competitive, agile business
Grow your business with Microsoft public cloud services--without costly new hardware or IT staff. Discover high-value services including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Azure, OneDrive for Business, and Windows Server 2012 R2 in the cloud. Set up your work environment, build websites, customize apps, market online, and more!

This Microsoft book:

  • Walks you through setting up your business in the cloud

  • Presents easy instructions to help you get started fast

  • Links online demos, hands-on labs, and additional free training through the Microsoft Virtual Academy

  • Covers all types of Microsoft public cloud services: software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS)

  • Get the benefits of new technology without the hassles

  • Deliver powerful Office 365 productivity tools on smartphones, tablets, and PCs

  • Store files by using the built-in security features of Microsoft OneDrive for Business

  • Collaborate via Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

  • Manage all your Windows, iOS, and Android devices with Microsoft Intune

  • Create virtual servers to handle your workload tasks

  • Quickly extend business software to new users by using Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

  • Access and use cloud applications from within the Azure Application Gallery

  • Build new websites by using Azure Websites

  • Develop mobile apps by using Windows App Studio

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents at a glance
    4. Contents
    5. Foreword
    6. Introduction
      1. Prerequisites for setting up your subscriptions
      2. About the companion content
      3. Acknowledgments
      4. Free ebooks from Microsoft Press
      5. Microsoft Virtual Academy
      6. Errata, updates, & book support
      7. We want to hear from you
      8. Stay in touch
    7. Chapter 1. What the cloud can do for your business
      1. What is the cloud?
      2. What kinds of Microsoft public cloud services are available?
      3. What can Microsoft public cloud services do for your business?
      4. Putting it all together
      5. Summary
    8. Chapter 2. Get started with Office 365
      1. Introduction to Office 365
      2. Under the hood of Office 365
      3. Find the right subscription
        1. Office 365 Business subscription options for small and medium organizations
        2. Using the 30-day trial
      4. Sign in for the first time
      5. Explore the Office 365 Admin Center
      6. Configure a custom domain
      7. Add, edit, and delete user accounts
      8. Work with files
      9. Use Office Mobile on all your devices
      10. Summary
    9. Chapter 3. Store your files in the cloud by using OneDrive for Business
      1. Introduction to OneDrive for Business
      2. Find the right subscription
      3. Explore OneDrive for Business
      4. Copy files to OneDrive for Business
      5. Save and open files within OneDrive for Business
      6. Manage files
      7. Create a new file or folder
      8. Share a file or folder
      9. Work on shared files
        1. Check out a file
        2. View a file’s version history
      10. Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer
      11. Use OneDrive for Business on the go
        1. Access OneDrive for Business on an Internet browser
        2. Use the OneDrive for Business app
      12. Summary
    10. Chapter 4. Keep track of customers by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
      1. What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?
      2. Find the right subscription
      3. Explore the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online work areas and dashboards
      4. Work with contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities
        1. Work with contacts
        2. Work with accounts
        3. Work with leads and opportunities
      5. Create and manage cases
        1. Create a case
        2. View and edit a case
        3. Mark a case as resolved
      6. Track activities
        1. Add a customer-related activity
        2. Add an activity for yourself
        3. View and edit activities
      7. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
      8. Microsoft Social Listening
      9. Go mobile with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
      10. Summary
    11. Chapter 5. Manage devices in the cloud by using Microsoft Intune
      1. Introduction to Microsoft Intune
      2. Set up your Microsoft Intune subscription
      3. Explore the Account Portal
        1. Configure a custom domain
        2. Add, edit, and delete users
      4. Explore the Admin Console
        1. Create device and user groups
        2. Set up alerts
        3. Create policies
        4. Install the Microsoft Intune client software on client computers
        5. Set up Microsoft Intune to work with mobile devices
        6. Prepare software for distribution
      5. Explore the Company Portal
        1. Create your Company Portal
        2. Install the Company Portal app on your mobile device
        3. Enroll a device in the Company Portal
        4. Install software on a computer or device from the Company Portal
      6. Summary
    12. Chapter 6. Build and run servers without using hardware
      1. What is IaaS?
      2. Set up your Azure subscription
      3. Get started with Azure
        1. Create a storage account
        2. Set up a virtual network
      4. Understand virtual machine templates
      5. Build your first virtual machine
        1. Define a data disk within the virtual machine
        2. Install Active Directory Domain Services on the virtual machine
      6. Azure monitoring and alerts
      7. Back up your files with Azure Recovery Services
        1. Create a backup vault
        2. Download the vault credentials, install the Azure Backup Agent, and register your server
        3. Configure and schedule backup options
        4. Run a manual backup
        5. Recover data
      8. Summary
    13. Chapter 7. Understand Server Manager
      1. What is Server Manager?
      2. Get started with Server Manager
      3. Add roles and features
        1. The Windows Server Essentials Experience role
        2. Set up the Windows Server Essentials Experience role
      4. Summary
    14. Chapter 8. Run Windows apps remotely
      1. Introduction to Azure RemoteApp
      2. Set up your RemoteApp subscription
      3. Create a RemoteApp service
      4. Add users to your RemoteApp service
      5. Publish an app
      6. Configure user access
      7. Set up RemoteApp on a client computer or mobile device
      8. Summary
    15. Chapter 9. Give users access to third-party apps
      1. Share third-party apps in the cloud
      2. Set up your directory
      3. Share the Intuit QuickBooks Online app
      4. Set up the Access Panel Extension
      5. Allow users access to the third-party app
      6. Access the third-party app
      7. Summary
    16. Chapter 10. Build a website for your business
      1. Azure websites
      2. Plan your website
      3. Create your website
      4. Customize your website
        1. Explore WordPress settings
        2. Add content to your site
        3. Add pages to your site
        4. Apply a WordPress theme to your site
      5. Summary
    17. Chapter 11. Build a Windows app by using Windows App Studio
      1. Why build a mobile app?
      2. Prepare to build your mobile app
      3. Tools for building mobile apps
      4. Create an empty app
      5. Add data sources
        1. Add an RSS feed
        2. Add a static HTML page
        3. Add a YouTube video page
        4. Add a Flickr photo stream
        5. Add a Bing news page
        6. Add your Facebook page
        7. Add your Instagram feed
        8. Add a collection
        9. Add a menu
      6. Create a visually rich app
        1. Apply a theme
        2. Set the tile
        3. Choose the splash screen
        4. Enable ads
        5. Create an About page
      7. Test and export your app
        1. Test your app
        2. Export the package
      8. Submit your app to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store
      9. Summary
    18. Index
    19. About the contributors
    20. About the technical reviewer
    21. Code Snippets