Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints

Book description

Master SharePoint application development by building nine exciting SharePoint business solutions with this book and ebook.

  • Instant SharePoint – Build nine exciting SharePoint business solutions
  • Expand your knowledge of the SharePoint platform so that you can tailor the sample solutions to your requirements
  • Learn how the different development techniques can be used in various situations to support both client side and server side development to solve different problems in different environments.

In Detail

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful platform that can support a wide variety of business scenarios. In many cases it needs to be configured or extended in order to deliver fully featured business solutions.

While some books merely talk about the capabilities of SharePoint in general and leave you to figure out how they apply to your situation, this book takes a different approach. Each chapter provides easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions along with screenshots to help build exciting SharePoint business solutions that extend the platform. By the end of this book the reader will be a SharePoint developer to be reckoned with.

This book will dive into a diverse set of real-world scenarios to deliver sample business solutions that can serve as the foundation for your own solutions. This book draws from the author’s extensive experience with SharePoint to leverage the platforms underlying services to provide solutions that can support Social Collaboration, Content and Document Management, as well as project collaboration. Each chapter represents a new business solution that builds on the overall platform to deliver more complex solutions and more advanced techniques. By the end of the book the reader will understand how to leverage the SharePoint platform to build their own business solutions.

Table of contents

  1. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints
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    5. About the Reviewers
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    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Downloading the example code
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        3. Piracy
        4. Questions
    8. 1. Building an Effective Intranet
      1. Preparing the Intranet site
        1. Choosing a site template
        2. Activating supporting features
        3. Selecting a layout
      2. Creating a Weather Web Part
        1. Approach
        2. Configuring the XML Web Part
        3. Weather Web Part displayed
      3. System status and notification features
        1. Notification List Definition and List Instance feature
          1. Notification list displayed
        2. Presenting status notifications
          1. SP.UI.Status overview
          2. Adding SetStatus code to the Master Page
        3. Notifications displayed
      4. Building an Appropriate Use and Incident dialog
        1. Approach
        2. Showing the form
        3. Appropriate Use and Incident dialog displayed
      5. Building an Employee Corner Web Part
        1. Approach
        2. Creating the Web Part
          1. Defining a Web Part property
          2. Connecting to the Search service application
          3. Formatting the Web Part
        3. Employee Corner Web Part displayed
      6. Building a Stock Ticker Web Part
        1. Approach
        2. Stock Quote Web Part displayed
      7. Content rollups
        1. Approach
          1. Content Query Web Part (CQWP)
          2. Search Web Parts
          3. Custom Web Part
        2. Creating the content source
        3. Configuring the Content Query Web Part
        4. News content rollup displayed
      8. Summary
    9. 2. Building an Out of Office Delegation Solution
      1. User profile properties
        1. Defining the section and properties
        2. Populating the properties
      2. Master Delegation Tracking List
        1. Delegation List Definition and List Instance
          1. Defining a custom action group and action
            1. Finalizing the delegation list feature
      3. Check out of office workflow activity
        1. Approach
        2. Creating CheckOutOfOfficeActivity
          1. CheckOutOfOfficeActivity.cs
          2. CheckOutOfOfficeActivity elements.xml
        3. Adding the web.config authorizedType entry
        4. Completed solution
        5. Sample workflow — check out of office
      4. Creating a Task Delegation Web Part
        1. Creating the Web Part project
        2. Displaying Out of Office delegation
          1. Delegation.js
        3. Displaying the Task Delegation Web Part
      5. Creating custom application pages
        1. Preparing for custom application pages
        2. View Delegation History page
          1. ViewDelegationHistory.aspx
          2. ViewDelegationHistory.aspx.cs
          3. Displaying the View Delegation History page
        3. Completed SPBlueprints.Delegation solution
      6. Summary
    10. 3. Building an Enterprise Content Management Solution
      1. Defining content containers
      2. Defining and managing content types
        1. Content type synchronization
        2. Content type definition
      3. Document routing
      4. Optimizing Search
        1. Content sources
        2. Search scopes
        3. Managed properties
      5. Creating a content aggregation Web Part
        1. Content rollup approaches
      6. DocVault Listings Web Part
        1. Creating the Web Part
          1. Importing the needed Web Part and search references
          2. Defining the Web Part properties
          3. Formatting the Web Part
          4. Display DocVault Listings Web Part
      7. Enhancing the Document ID redirect
        1. Enhanced DocID redirect approach
        2. Creating an enhanced DocID redirect script
        3. Configuring the DocID redirect Web Part
        4. Displaying the DocID redirect
      8. Summary
    11. 4. Building an Engaging Community Site
      1. Creating the Community Site
        1. Activating supporting features
        2. Creating and configuring the community landing page
        3. Site Permissions
      2. Community members
        1. Creating Communities User Profile Property
        2. Mapping Communities as a Managed Property
        3. Configuring the Members Page
          1. Creating the Members Page
          2. Adding the People Search Core Results Web Part
          3. Configuring Members Search Query
      3. Configuring social web parts
        1. Note Board Web Part
        2. Tagging and Tag Clouds
      4. Configuring Rollup Web Parts
        1. Web Analytics Web Part — Frequently Accessed Content
        2. Content Query Web Part — New Content
        3. Content Query Web Part — Highly Rated Content
      5. Creating an Enterprise Wiki
        1. Configuring the Enterprise Wiki sub-site
        2. Use of Categories
        3. Metadata Navigation
          1. Activating the Metadata Navigation feature
          2. Configuring Metadata Navigation for Enterprise Wiki Library
          3. Using the feature
        4. Wiki site navigation
      6. Summary
    12. 5. Building a Site Request and Provisioning System
      1. Overview
      2. Creating the list
      3. Creating the project
      4. Creating the SiteRequest form
        1. Building the Request Site display page
          1. Building the form processing
      5. Defining the RequestSiteAction menu item
      6. Creating timer jobs
        1. Creating the site timer job
          1. Executing the site timer job
          2. Feature receiver
            1. Creating the feature receiver
              1. Feature activating
                1. Feature deactivating
                2. Completed SPBlueprints.SiteCreation solution
              2. Deploying the timer job
              3. Monitoring the timer job
      7. Summary
    13. 6. Building a Project Site Template
      1. Overview
      2. Template options
        1. Site definitions
        2. Feature stapling an existing site definition
        3. Site template
        4. WebTemplate
          1. Example WebTemplate schema
          2. Sandbox versus farm solutions
            1. WebTemplate as a sandbox solution
            2. WebTemplate as a farm solution
          3. Organizing a project into multiple features and solutions
      3. Building the Project Site Template
        1. Create the project
        2. Create the ProjectTemplate WebTemplate
          1. Complete Elements.xml
          2. Onet.xml
        3. Configure the feature
        4. Create the Project Site configuration feature
          1. Writing the feature receiver
          2. Using Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls;Feature Activated
          3. Create a blog subsite
          4. Create Charter list
          5. Create pages library
          6. Create home page
          7. Configure Web Parts on home page
          8. Feature upgrading
          9. Solution Explorer
      4. Summary
    14. 7. Building a Project Management Main Site
      1. Content aggregation options
        1. Reading individual sites or lists
        2. Search
        3. Scheduled job
        4. Map custom properties as managed properties
      2. Building a project listing and a status Web Part
        1. Creating the ProjectMain project
        2. Creating the ProjectListing Web Part
          1. Creating the ProjectMain.js script
            1. Configuring the feature
            2. Project listing displayed
      3. Building a site metrics gathering process
        1. Creating the feature and feature receiver
          1. Solution Explorer
      4. Configuring a project manager listing
        1. Creating the members page
        2. Adding the People Search Core Results Web Part
        3. Configuring the members search query
          1. Modifying the People Core Results XSL
          2. Project Managers listing displayed
      5. Additional content ideas
      6. Summary
    15. 8. Building a Task Rollup Solution
      1. Task rollup options
        1. Using search
          1. Search considerations
        2. Using SiteData
          1. SiteData considerations
        3. Using a centralized list
          1. Centralized list considerations
      2. MyTasks Search Web Part
        1. Creating the SPBlueprints.MyTasks project
        2. Creating the MyTasks Search Web Part
          1. Creating the MyTasks.js file
      3. MyTasks Web Part
        1. Creating the Web Part
          1. Displaying the MyTasks and MyTasks Search Web Parts
          2. Completed SPBlueprints.MyTasks solution
      4. Summary
    16. 9. Building a Site Directory with SharePoint Search
      1. Site Directory options
        1. List-based Site Directory
        2. Search-based site discovery
      2. How to leverage search
        1. Content classes
        2. Search Scopes
      3. Defining the Site Directory Search Scope
        1. Enabling the Search Scope on a Site Collection
        2. Testing the Site Directory Search Scope
      4. Site Directory page
        1. Creating the Site Directory page
        2. Configure the Site Directory page settings
        3. Adding a Site Directory tab
        4. Common Searches
          1. Defining Common Searches
            1. Simple saved query
              1. Advanced saved query
            2. Adding Common Searches to the Site Directory page
        5. Site Directory displayed
      5. Related sites Web Part
        1. Creating the Web Part
          1. Display Related sites Web Part
      6. Summary
    17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints
  • Author(s): Mike Oryszak
  • Release date: June 2012
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781849683609