Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple

Book description

Get the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft SharePoint 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to get things done.

Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:

  • Create libraries for all kinds of media

  • Share information in one location

  • Organize people and processes

  • Connect SharePoint to Microsoft Office with no fuss

  • Find things fast with the Search Center

  • Expand your community with social networking

  • Here’s HOW you’ll learn it:

  • Jump in wherever you need answers

  • Follow easy STEPS and SCREENSHOTS to see exactly what to do

  • Get handy TIPS for new techniques and shortcuts

  • Use TRY THIS! exercises to apply what you learn right away

  • Table of contents

    1. Dedication
    2. Acknowledgments
      1. From Johnathan Lightfoot
      2. From Michelle Lopez
      3. From Scott Metker
    3. 1. About this book
      1. What do you want to do today?
      2. Written in plain English
      3. Just essential tasks...
        1. ...and the easiest way to do them
      4. A quick overview
      5. Who this book is meant for
      6. A few assumptions
      7. Adapting task procedures for touchscreens
      8. A final word (or two)
    4. 2. What’s new and improved in SharePoint 2013
      1. Creating a new site
        1. Create a new site
      2. Customizing the interface
        1. Customize the look and feel of your site
      3. Using the Office Store
        1. Add an app on SharePoint
      4. Creating an asset library
        1. Create an asset library
      5. Adding a thumbnail to a video
        1. Add a thumbnail to a video
      6. Using SkyDrive Pro
        1. Access SkyDrive Pro
      7. Using the timeline feature for tasks
        1. Use the Timeline view
      8. Mentioning a colleague feature
        1. Select a colleague’s name
        2. Who has mentioned me?
      9. Expanding My Tasks settings
        1. Adjust the My Tasks page view
      10. Previewing search documents
        1. Preview search documents
      11. Using the Community Site template
        1. Create a discussion site as a subsite
      12. Creating badges
        1. Creating a badge
      13. Creating an eDiscovery Center
        1. Create an eDiscovery Center
      14. Using Visual Designer for workflows within SharePoint Designer
        1. Edit a workflow
    5. 3. Getting started with SharePoint sites
      1. Understanding sites
        1. Access a SharePoint site
      2. Creating a SharePoint site from a template
        1. Create a SharePoint team site
      3. Locating content on a site
        1. View site contents
        2. View site settings
      4. Changing your site’s title, description, and logo
        1. Change a site title, description, and logo
      5. Changing the look and feel of a site
        1. Change the look and feel of your site
      6. Changing the navigation tree view settings
        1. Change tree view settings
      7. Editing the Quick Launch bar on a nonpublishing site
        1. Edit Quick Launch bar on a nonpublishing site
      8. Editing the Top Link bar on a nonpublishing site
        1. Edit the Top Link bar on a nonpublishing site
      9. Editing publishing site navigation
        1. Edit publishing site navigation
      10. Saving a site as a template
        1. Save site as a site template
    6. 4. Organizing and managing information
      1. Browsing through site columns
        1. Browse through site columns
      2. Creating site columns
        1. Create site columns
      3. Browsing through content types
        1. Browse through content types
      4. Creating a new content type
        1. Create content type
      5. Associating document templates with content types
        1. Associate a document template with a content type
    7. 5. List and library essentials
      1. Using your apps
        1. Add an app on SharePoint
        2. Add an app from the SharePoint Store
      2. Creating and deleting lists
        1. Create a list or library
        2. Delete a list or library
      3. Adding and editing list items
        1. Add a list item
        2. Edit a list item
      4. Deleting and restoring list items
        1. Delete a list item
        2. Restore a deleted item
      5. Creating list columns
        1. Create a column
      6. Editing and deleting list columns
        1. Edit column settings
        2. Delete a list column
      7. Using list and column validation rules
        1. Add a validation rule to a column
        2. Add a validation rule to a list
      8. Sorting and filtering lists
        1. Sort a list
        2. Filter a list
      9. Creating and selecting a list view
        1. Create a list view
        2. Select a list view
      10. Sorting or filtering a list view
        1. Sort a list view
        2. Filter a list view
      11. Organizing items by using folders
        1. Create a folder
    8. 6. Working with documents
      1. Managing documents with a document library
        1. Create a document library
      2. Customizing document templates
        1. Modify the document template for a document library
        2. Modify the document template for a content type
      3. Uploading multiple documents
        1. Drag multiple documents to a library
        2. Upload multiple files with Explorer
      4. Requiring and displaying document check out
        1. Require document check out on a library
        2. Display the check out status in a document library
      5. Checking documents in and out
        1. Check out a document
        2. Check in a document
      6. Configuring documents with document IDs
        1. Turn on the document ID service
        2. Configure document ID settings
      7. Using document IDs
        1. Locate the document ID on a document
        2. Use the Find By Document ID Web Part
      8. Moving documents
        1. Use the Send To menu
        2. Add a custom Send To location
      9. Copying or sharing documents
        1. Download a copy of a document
        2. Share a document
      10. Configuring document sets on a site
        1. Turn on the document sets feature
        2. Configure document set options
      11. Configuring document sets on a document library
        1. Enable the document sets on a document library
        2. Create a document set
    9. 7. Working with media
      1. Introducing the Asset Library app
        1. Create an asset library
      2. Uploading and tagging media files
        1. Upload and tag media files
        2. Upload multiple files
      3. Tagging media files
        1. Tag media files
      4. Organizing by using keywords and metadata
        1. Enable Enterprise Keywords
      5. Working with video files
        1. Capture a thumbnail from the video
        2. Use an image from your computer as a thumbnail
        3. Use a picture from a web address (on the Internet) as a thumbnail
        4. Associate related content to a video file
      6. Using SharePoint assets in Microsoft Office
        1. Connect an asset library to Office
        2. Connect to Office 365
      7. Adding media to a SharePoint page
        1. Insert an image from SharePoint
        2. Insert video on a SharePoint page
    10. 8. Using SkyDrive Pro
      1. Accessing your SkyDrive Pro account
        1. Access SkyDrive Pro
      2. Saving files to SkyDrive Pro
        1. Save files to be shared with everyone
      3. Saving files to be accessible only to you
        1. Save files for access only by you
      4. Sharing SkyDrive Pro files
        1. Share SkyDrive Pro files
      5. Following SkyDrive Pro documents
        1. Follow SkyDrive Pro documents
      6. Locating followed documents by using the newsfeed
        1. Find documents by using the newsfeed
      7. Locating followed documents by using SkyDrive Pro
        1. Find documents by using SkyDrive Pro
      8. Synchronizing SkyDrive Pro to your local computer
        1. Synchronize SkyDrive Pro to your local computer
      9. Discontinuing sync between SkyDrive Pro and your local device
        1. Discontinue syncing SkyDrive Pro files with your local device
    11. 9. Using information management policies
      1. Introduction to information management policies
        1. Types of information management policies
      2. Information management policy inheritance
      3. Accessing site content type information management policies
        1. Access site content information management policies
      4. Accessing list information management policies
        1. Access library-based information management policies
      5. Creating content type retention policies on a library
        1. Create a content type retention policy on a library
      6. Setting library or folder-based retention schedules
        1. Set library and folder retention policy source
      7. Creating auditing policies
        1. Create an audit policy on a site content type
        2. Create an audit policy within a list or library
      8. Viewing an audit report
        1. View an audit report
    12. 10. Organizing people and work
      1. Creating a project schedule by using a tasks list
        1. Create a project task list
      2. Adding tasks
        1. Add a task
        2. Add a task to a timeline
      3. Viewing tasks in a Gantt Chart
        1. View tasks in a Gantt Chart
        2. Configure Gantt columns
      4. Adding multiple tasks and subtasks
        1. Update multiple tasks in a standard view
        2. Add subtasks
      5. Creating a calendar list
        1. Create a calendar list
        2. Switch calendar views
      6. Scheduling events on the calendar
        1. Schedule an event
      7. Using the issue tracking list
        1. Create an issue tracking list
        2. Configure issue categories
      8. Creating a discussion board
        1. Create a discussion board
      9. Participating in a discussion
        1. Start a discussion thread
        2. Reply to a discussion thread
      10. Rating discussions
        1. Mark a Best Reply to a post
      11. Connecting a discussion to Microsoft Outlook
        1. Connect a discussion thread to Outlook
      12. Synchronizing project tasks with Microsoft Project
        1. Synchronize Project with a tasks list
        2. Map synchronization fields
    13. 11. Using Web Parts
      1. Adding Web Parts to a wiki page
        1. Add a Web Part to a wiki page
      2. Adding Web Parts to a Web Part page
        1. Add a Web Part to a Web Part page
      3. Adding an App Part to a page
        1. Add a list to a page
      4. Editing Web Part properties
        1. Edit Web Part properties
      5. Working with personalized Web Parts on pages
        1. Add a Web Part to a personalized page
        2. Switch from personal and shared views
      6. Targeting Web Parts for an audience
        1. Target web parts for an audience
    14. 12. Using SharePoint with Office 2013
      1. Connecting SharePoint libraries to Office
        1. Connect a SharePoint library to Office
      2. Connecting SharePoint calendars to Outlook
        1. Connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook
      3. Archiving Outlook email in SharePoint
        1. Archive Outlook email in SharePoint
      4. Importing a spreadsheet into SharePoint
        1. Import a spreadsheet into SharePoint
      5. Exporting data from a SharePoint list to Excel
        1. Export data from a SharePoint list to Excel
      6. Exporting an Excel table to SharePoint
        1. Export an Excel table to SharePoint
      7. Connecting Access and SharePoint
        1. Connect Access and SharePoint
    15. 13. Collaborating with blogs
      1. Creating a blog site
        1. Create a blog site
        2. Create a personal blog site from your SharePoint profile
      2. Changing your blog picture
        1. Change your blog picture
      3. Changing your blog description
        1. Change your blog description
      4. Using categories to organize your blogs
        1. Create a new category
        2. Edit a category
      5. Managing blog posts
        1. Create a blog post
        2. Publish a blog post that was previously saved as a draft
      6. Managing blog comments
        1. Add a comment
        2. View, edit, or delete comments
      7. Subscribing to a blog’s RSS Feed
        1. Subscribe to RSS
      8. Using desktop blogging tools to publish blog posts
        1. Publish a blog post by using Microsoft Word
    16. 14. Security within SharePoint 2013
      1. Understanding SharePoint security
        1. View site permissions
      2. Adding people to groups
        1. Add people to existing groups
      3. Creating groups
        1. Create a group
      4. Granting permissions to an individual
        1. Grant permissions to an individual
      5. Breaking permission inheritance
        1. Break inheritance
        2. Inherit parent permissions
      6. Granting access to lists, libraries, and individual items
        1. Grant access to a list or library
        2. Grant access to individual items
      7. Removing security
        1. Remove a user from a group
        2. Remove a group’s site permissions
      8. Editing permissions
        1. Edit site permissions for an individual or group
      9. Checking permissions
        1. View permissions on a library or list
        2. Check permissions for an individual or group
    17. 15. Using personal sites and social networking
      1. Introducing My Site
        1. Open your My Site
      2. Editing your user profile
        1. Edit your user profile
      3. Uploading content
        1. Upload public content to your My Site
      4. Following people
        1. Follow a person
        2. Stop following a person
      5. Searching for people to follow
        1. Search for a person by name
        2. Search for a person by keyword
      6. Updating your status
        1. Post your status
        2. View the status of a colleague
      7. Using your note board
        1. Add a note
        2. Add the notes tool to your favorites
      8. Using tags
        1. Add a tag to a document
        2. Use a tag in a post
      9. Using mentions
        1. Mention a colleague
        2. Who has mentioned me?
      10. Using tasks
        1. Create a new task
        2. Highlight important tasks
      11. Customizing tasks views
        1. Edit the My Tasks settings
        2. Synchronize My Tasks with Outlook
    18. 16. Searching for information
      1. Creating a Search Center
        1. Create a Search Center
      2. Searching from a Search Center
        1. Search from a Search Center
      3. Preparing your site for search
        1. Associate a Search Center to your site
      4. Searching site content
        1. Search from the Home page of a site
        2. Search within a document library
      5. Using search refinement
        1. Filter results by using search refiners
      6. Previewing search results in Search Center
        1. Preview documents
        2. Preview videos
      7. Using advanced search
        1. Perform advanced search
      8. Working with search alerts
        1. Create search alerts
        2. Edit or delete search alerts
      9. Setting your search preferences
        1. Set your search preferences
      10. Promoting search results
        1. Promote search results
      11. Excluding site content
        1. Exclude site content from search
      12. Excluding document libraries and lists from search
        1. Exclude document libraries from search
      13. Excluding site columns from search
        1. Exclude site columns from search
      14. Maintaining search configurations
        1. Export your search configuration
        2. Import your search configuration
    19. 17. Community portals and sites
      1. Creating a community site site collection
        1. Create a community site site collection
      2. Creating a community site subsite
        1. Create a community subsite
      3. Adding moderators to community sites
        1. Add a moderator to your community site
      4. Adding users to community sites
        1. Sharing your community site
        2. Joining an open community site
      5. Managing your community settings
        1. Manage community settings
      6. Working with categories
        1. Creating categories
        2. Find discussions by category
      7. Working with badges
        1. Create badges
        2. Edit a badge
      8. Assigning badges to members
        1. Assign badges to members
      9. Enabling site-wide reputation tracking
        1. Enable site-wide reputation tracking
      10. Viewing badges and reputation scores for a member
        1. View badges and reputation scores for a member
      11. Creating and editing discussions
        1. Create a new discussion
        2. Edit a discussion you have created
      12. Replying to a discussion
        1. Reply to a discussion
      13. Searching for discussions
        1. Search for discussions
      14. Tracking discussions in progress
        1. Set an alert on a discussion
      15. Managing replies
        1. Mark a reply as a best reply
        2. Remove a best reply
        3. Report a reply to the moderator
      16. Moderating discussions
        1. Find unanswered questions
        2. Mark a discussion as featured
      17. Reviewing posts submitted for moderation
        1. Review posts submitted for moderation
    20. 18. Automating tasks with workflows
      1. Associating workflows with lists
        1. Associate a workflow with a list
      2. Associating workflows with content types
        1. Associate a workflow with a content type
      3. Starting workflows on documents
        1. Start a workflow on a document
      4. Checking the status of a running workflow
        1. Check the status of a running workflow
      5. Creating a list workflow in SharePoint Designer
        1. Create a list workflow in SharePoint Designer
      6. Editing workflows
        1. Edit an existing list workflow
      7. Introducing Microsoft Visio integration with SharePoint workflows
        1. Visio visual designer
      8. Switching to the visual designer
        1. Switch to the visual designer
      9. Creating workflows in Visio 2013
        1. Create a workflow in Visio 2013
      10. Importing Visio workflows into SharePoint Designer
        1. Import a Visio workflow into SharePoint Designer
    21. 19. SharePoint and eDiscovery
      1. Creating an eDiscovery Center
        1. Create an eDiscovery Center
      2. Working with eDiscovery cases
        1. Create an eDiscovery case
        2. Access existing cases
      3. Identifying and holding content
        1. Create a hold on a case
      4. Removing an eDiscovery hold
        1. Remove an eDiscovery hold
      5. Accessing deleted content under legal hold
        1. Access content in a Preservation Hold library
      6. Creating an eDiscovery query
        1. Create an eDiscovery query
      7. Exporting eDiscovery results
        1. Export eDiscovery results
    22. A. About the authors
    23. Index
    24. About the Authors
    25. Copyright

    Product information

    • Title: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple
    • Author(s): Michelle Lopez Johnathan Lightfoot and Scott Metker
    • Release date: May 2013
    • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
    • ISBN: 9780735672147