Create a New SharePoint Page with DIV/CSS-based Layout

In this section, you learn how to apply a predefined CSS layout to a SharePoint content page. Perform the following steps:

1. With your site open in SharePoint Designer 2010, create a new ASPX page without a master page.

2. When the page opens, switch the page to code view and insert the following DIV tags between the <Form> tags:

<body><form id="form1" runat="server"><div id="container"><div id="left_col"></div><div id="page_content"></div><div id="right_col"></div></div></form></body>

3. Create a new CSS file by accessing the SharePoint Designer backstage and selecting Add Item, More Pages, CSS, Create. Name the new page divcss.css. Select a save location. If you have multiple Wiki page ...

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