Customizing Rich Text Editor Styles

A common requirement when customizing SharePoint sites is to customize styles, including fonts, in the ribbon’s rich text editor. In SharePoint 2010, rich text styles are present in the ribbon when you edit Wiki and publishing pages (SharePoint Server 2010).

Rich text editor styles in SharePoint 2010 are prefixed by .ms-rte and are included in the corev4.css file. For example, styles include

• Markup styles, such as and .ms-rteElement-H1

• Special styles, such as .ms-rteElement-Callout3, .ms-rteStyle-Highlight, .ms-rteStyle-Tagline, and .ms-rteStyle-Caption.

• Font and Table styles, such as .ms-rteForeColor-1, .ms-rteFontFace-7, .ms-rteThemeForeColor-3-1, and .ms-rteTable-0.


A number ...

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