CHAPTER 2Information Management

Information management (IM) is a broad discipline with many overlapping specialties. Since the very first versions, Microsoft has worked to infuse the SharePoint family with features designed to appeal to all of them. Other chapters of this book go into the detail of how Microsoft SharePoint Premium takes these core M365/SharePoint features to the next level.

What's in This Chapter

  • What is information management?
  • What is the content life cycle?
  • Why is metadata so important?
  • How do core features of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 aid in the implementation of information management?

Introducing Information Management

Content here.

Content there.

Content, content everywhere!

A needle in a haystack lost.

A magnet helps, at little cost.

But needles are not all I need.

The straw itself provides our seed.

And other things are in that pile.

To know them all, would make me smile.

With trillions of bits of data generated every day, finding the piece you need is like finding that proverbial “needle in a haystack.” But as this poem shows, the haystack itself isn't just junk. At different times, different elements are more important—the needles, the seeds, the straw itself, even the mice that are nesting at its base! And that's not all. We have multiple haystacks—a whole farm, in fact.

How do you find what you need, when you need it? Is there, perhaps, a way to create a haystack that makes that process easier? When that haystack is the content your ...

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