Using Site Templates

Site templates can help users be more productive by creating sites that are already populated with lists, functionality, and some design elements. The product provides many templates for collaboration, meetings, and enterprise functionality. If you design a specific site layout and lists that are helpful to other users, you can publish your own template to the site template gallery as well.

Site templates can be applied to both sub-sites and site collections. The Enterprise site templates are not available in WSS-only installations.

Using collaboration templates

Collaboration templates are focused on creating the elements most often used to facilitate team collaboration. As with all the templates, the goal is to provide something for teams to start with so that they are not looking at a blank site and wondering what to do next.

Team site template

The Team Site Template is the most versatile and most used template, probably because it is the default, top-of-the-list selection. This template hasn’t changed from the WSS v2 template and still provides a basic structure for team collaboration. When you select the Team Site Template, SharePoint creates a site that has a document library, four empty lists, and a discussion board. These are

  • Shared Documents

  • Announcements

  • Calendar

  • Links

  • Tasks

  • Team Discussion

SharePoint also populates the home page with the announcements, calendar, site image, and links list Web Parts on it, as shown in Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1. SharePoint ...

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