Implementing a Records Repository Site and File Plan

Managing records in MOSS 2007 is accomplished by planning and implementing a records repository site. This site, based on the out-of-the-box Records Repository Site template, provides the features for the implementation of your file plan and management of the records while they are being retained.

To design a records repository site, follow these steps:

Plan the document libraries you will use for records retention.
Document the metadata for each record type. The metadata will translate into document library columns.
Document policies, such as retention periods and auditing requirements, for each type of record that reflect your enterprise’s storage requirements.
Plan the record routing table. The record routing table will map each type of record to the appropriate library in the records repository site. This table is used to determine how to classify and route the documents to the appropriate library based on the plan.
Define your site columns. Site columns are used to create the content types that are to be retained. For example, you may want to create columns like “Stock Options.”

The records repository site template

The records repository site template combines many of the features of MOSS 2007 with records management features, providing an integrated experience for users. Site features that are not suited to a records center, such as a picture library or discussions, are hidden by default. The following sections ...

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