Solution Overview

Because this is a SharePoint book, it should be no surprise that SharePoint has an answer for each of these requirements. Table 21.2 outlines the SharePoint solutions that will be implemented to meet each requirement.

Table 21.2. SharePoint Requirement Mapping
Collaborative spaces must be easily instantiated for projects and corporate initiatives.Enable self-service site creation for all portal contributors.
Consultants need to be able to find collaborative spaces for their specialty.Modify the site directory so that the categories for sites are customized.
Place for community and unstructured collaboration.Create a site collection dedicated to Wikis and blogs that can be provisioned by anyone in the company.
Sales team must be able to share leads and track sales progress of items in the pipeline.Create custom sales pipeline list that stores opportunities, leads, and opportunity ownership.
Project documentation needs to have specific format and latest template applied. Template must be in a location that can be easily updated.Define a content type for the project documentation that you need and add it to a site that will be used as a project template site.
 Create a project site template from your project site and add that site template to the templates available in self-service site creation.
Project managers need to have a central view of all active projects and their status.Project list that contains status fields that is filtered by project manager. ...

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