Implementing the Solution

This section walks through each requirement and implements each element outlined in the solution overview.

Enabling self-service site creation

We want to encourage team and project collaboration for employees by allowing employees to create their own WSS sites. Configuring this setting involves two steps:

Turn on self-service site creation in Central Administration.
Configure the permissions for the portal so that all users with contributor rights can also create sites.

To turn on self-service site creation in Central Administration, follow these steps:

Open SharePoint Central Administration and select the Application Management tab.
Click Self-service site management in the Application Security section.
Select the Web application for which you want to enable self-service site creation from the Web Application drop-down menu.
Select On.
Check the Require secondary contact box if you want to force users to enter at least two contacts when creating a site. Having a secondary contact often prevents sites from becoming orphaned by the primary contact leaving the organization or changing roles.
Click OK.

To configure the permissions of the portal so that users with rights to contribute can also create sites, follow these steps:

Click Site Actions in the top right corner of any page of the top-level site.
Choose Modify All Site Settings from the Site Settings menu.
Select Advanced permissions from the Users and Permissions section. ...

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