Chapter 2. Installing SharePoint


  • Planning your SharePoint deployment

  • Installing SharePoint

  • Configuring your SharePoint environment

  • Creating your first site

This chapter guides you through the planning and installation of SharePoint by first presenting the available topology choices and Shared Services decisions you need to make for your environment. SharePoint can be configured in any number of ways to suit the scale, scope, and requirements for your organization, and we help you decide what server and services structure are appropriate for your needs.

Once you have decided the topology for your organization, we then walk you through the installation of the prerequisite components and SharePoint software for both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server installations. After the installation process is complete, this chapter will assist you in configuring SharePoint for first use and create your first SharePoint site.

After you complete the steps in this chapter, you will have a working SharePoint installation and a fully functional portal.

Planning Your SharePoint Deployment

Planning your SharePoint deployment is important so that you not only know what to expect during the installation process but also develop your plan for growth and user support. This section presents the decisions you need to make before starting your SharePoint installation and discusses how your portal will integrate with the authentication and messaging components that may be present in your environment. ...

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