Chapter 4. Using Lists and Libraries


  • Implementing SharePoint lists and libraries

  • Customizing lists and libraries

  • Creating views

  • Using List Web Parts

Lists and libraries are the cornerstone of the SharePoint collaborative functionality. Lists provide a basic structure to organize data, and libraries provide a basic structure to store documents or other files.

SharePoint provides lists and library templates to help with the most common information storage needs, but it also allows us to customize lists and libraries to meet our specific organizational requirements. With the SharePoint platform you can customize views of your list and library information so that you can slice, dice, and present data for each and every user audience.

This chapter covers the list and library functionality, including the List and Library templates SharePoint provides. I walk you through the options for customizing lists and libraries and creating views of list and library information so that they work best for every need and situation. Finally, you use the Web Parts provided for lists and libraries on Web Part pages to show list data in context with other information and connected to other lists.

Implementing SharePoint Lists and Libraries

SharePoint lists and libraries can be created from the list and library templates provided, or created as custom lists according to your needs. The templates that SharePoint provides include some basic functionality to meet the purpose of the lists. You can customize ...

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