Chapter 22. Internet Portal Solution Scenario


  • Scenario background

  • Solution requirements

  • Solution overview

  • Implementing the solution

This chapter discusses using the SharePoint features to create an Internet presence. In this chapter, we gather the requirements and goals for a company's Internet portal and then design the SharePoint implementation to meet each requirement.

In this solution scenario, we use many of the features that were incorporated from previous releases of Content Management server, including content deployment, site variations, and use of page layouts, master pages, site columns, and content types. These features allow us to deploy an Internet portal where all the content has a consistent look and feel and a centrally managed page layout. In addition, our solution creates a structure where all content is published to a staging server so that the published portal content is only modified programmatically and the site structure is replicated to support other language content.

Scenario Background

This scenario shows you how to use SharePoint to support the Internet platform for a medium-sized software product company. This firm has the following roles that will be publishing or consuming information from the Internet presence:

  • Marketing: The product marketing team is responsible for creating marketing materials such as datasheets, product overviews, and whitepapers that are posted on the Internet site.

  • Public Relations: The public relations group is responsible ...

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