I've been using SQL Server for longer than I care to admit. Let's just say that I remember the days when Microsoft first released its own version of SQL Server after obtaining the rights to it from Sybase Corporation. That was a long time ago!

Why have I been using SQL Server for such a long time? Quite simply, I believe in its power as a user- and business-friendly database platform that's readily accessible to users in most modern enterprises. It's much more powerful than desktop databases such as Microsoft Access, and it's rapidly gaining market share over the industry leader, Oracle.

SQL Server is unique in that it easily accommodates users with a wide range of experience. If you're upgrading from Microsoft Access, you'll find many of SQL Server's graphical user interfaces friendly and familiar. On the other hand, if you're a database professional moving from another platform, you'll find that the ability to directly issue commands to the database accelerates your learning curve.

About This Book

This book provides you with an introduction to many of the commonly used features of SQL Server 2008. You'll find that it's an excellent starting point for anyone beginning to use SQL Server and offers a great foundation for your database career. Some of the important issues I cover in this book include:

  • Choosing the appropriate edition of SQL Server for your needs

  • Orienting yourself to the SQL Server database management tools

  • Installing and configuring your first SQL Server 2008 ...

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