AS A REPORTING SERVICES USER AND REPORT DESIGNER, you and I have something in common. We both appreciate the power and simplicity of SQL Server Reporting Services. You may have used SSRS to design common table and matrix reports. Perhaps you have designed reports that use parameters to let your users filter data and you want to help them gain more insight into their business. Like an artist, you've discovered some interesting techniques for using this tool to solve business problems in creative ways, and now you'd like to take the next step and create compelling and dynamic reporting solutions so your users can get more meaningful value from their data. Perhaps you'd like to learn about techniques developed by others who also appreciate this exciting tool.

We've brought together a team of creative and experienced report designers to showcase their recipes for unique report designs. Most of these designs have been tested and used in large organizations with real business data, and for consulting clients who have unique problems to solve and high expectations. Every one of us is passionate about technology, data, and SQL Server Reporting Services, which is why we created this unique book.

This is not a beginning-level book to teach the essentials of basic report design, but it's not exclusively an advanced-level book either. If you understand the basics of report design and have a cursory knowledge of Reporting Services, you should be able to use the recipes in this book ...

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