SQL Server Native Client Features

The development community gains access to the new features of SQL Server 2012 through the SQL Server Native Client (SNAC). If the new features are not needed and managed code is a requirement for data access, ADO.NET can suffice. Although a detailed examination of the features is beyond the scope of this chapter, a summary of each is provided.

ADO.NET is an umbrella label applied to the .NET functionality that supports connections to a variety of data sources. Classes within this library supply the programmatic capability to create, maintain, dispose of, and execute actions against a database.
SQL Server Native Client OLE DB Provider Being Deprecated
The SQL Server Native Client OLE DB Provider is being deprecated in SQL Server 2012 and will no longer be available in future releases. Please note that only the SQL Server Native Client OLEDB Provider is being deprecated at this time and other OLE DB providers will still be supported until an official announcement is made on their respective deprecations.
The reasoning behind this move is to align with the industry for using ODBC as the standard for native relational data access. This shift not only allows for universal cross-application compatibility, but this allows developers to concentrate on one set of APIs for all their native client applications. This means that if you're developing for standalone SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Database, or porting applications to Windows ...

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