Monitoring Database Mirroring

You can monitor database mirroring in many ways. The simplest way to monitor database mirroring is to launch the Database Mirroring Monitor. To monitor database mirroring performance, you can use System Monitor performance counters on the mirroring partners. You can also use the SQL Server Profiler tool to capture the time taken for database mirroring failover.

Monitoring Using Database Mirroring Monitor

Microsoft provides a useful tool called Database Mirroring Monitor to monitor database mirroring. You can launch the Database Mirroring Monitor tool from SQL Server Management Studio as follows:

1. Open Management Studio, and connect to the principal or mirror server.
2. Expand Databases, and right-click the principal database.
3. Select Tasks, and then click Launch Database Mirroring Monitor.
4. Click Action menu, and select Register Mirrored Database.
5. On the Register Mirrored Database dialog box, click the Connect button to display the Connect to Server dialog box. Type the connection properties of the principal or the mirror server, and click Connect. This brings you back to the Register Mirrored Database dialog box. Click Register. Database Mirroring Monitor registers the database and both partner servers. To modify the credentials used to connect to the partners, click the Show the Manage Server Connections Dialog Box When I Click OK check box. Click OK to continue.
6. The Database Mirroring Monitor should now show you the principal and ...

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