Modeling with Analysis Services

Create data mining structures within an existing Analysis Services project inside the Business Intelligence Development Studio. When deployed, the Analysis Services project creates an Analysis Services database on the target server. Often, data mining structures deploy with related cubes in the same database.

Begin the modeling process by telling Analysis Services where the training and testing data reside:

  • Define data sources that reference the location of data to be used in modeling.
  • Create data source views that include all training tables. When you use nested tables, the data source view must show the relationship between the case and nested tables.

c44uf001 For information to create and manage data sources and data source views, see Chapter 53, “Building Multidimensional Cubes in Analysis Services with MDX.”

Data Mining Wizard

The Data Mining Wizard steps through the process to define a new data mining structure and optionally the first model within that structure. Right-click the Mining Structures node within the Solution Explorer, and choose New Mining Model to start the wizard. The wizard consists of several pages:

  • Select the Definition Method: Enables the choice of either relational (from existing relational database or data warehouse) or cube (from existing cube) source data. Choose relational.
  • Create the Data Mining Structure: Choose the algorithm ...

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