ADO.NET is Microsoft's platform for data access in the .NET Framework. Out of the box, ADO.NET is scalable, interoperable, and familiar enough to ADO developers to be immediately usable. By design, the ADO.NET object model and many of the ADO.NET code constructs will look very familiar to ADO developers.

At the most basic level, ADO.NET consists of the following set of framework namespaces:

  • System.Data

  • System.Data.Common

  • System.Data.SqlClient

  • System.Data.OleDbClient

  • System.Data.SqlTypes

The System.Data namespace contains many of the objects on which ADO.NET is built. This is where you'll find the DataTable, DataSet, DataRelation, and DataView objects. Additionally, this is where ADO.NET constants are stored. For instance, the System.Data.SqlDbType ...

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