Upgrading SQL Server

As stated in Chapter 4, SQL Server 2000 gives you two different options for upgrading a server. The first option is to perform an actual upgrade of a SQL Server 7.0 database, which replaces the SQL Server 7.0 instance with SQL Server 2000 and upgrades the data files to SQL Server 2000. The second option is to leave SQL Server 7.0 intact and install a new instance of SQL Server 2000 alongside SQL Server 7.0. You can then use the Copy Database Wizard to upgrade databases from SQL Server 7.0 to SQL Server 2000.

For SQL Server 6.5, the upgrade process is done via the Version Upgrade Wizard. All the databases can be migrated at one time, or you can selectively upgrade them one at a time. The Version Upgrade Wizard provides a very ...

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