Securables are the resources to which the SQL Server database engine regulates access, or secures. As with the entire SQL Server security system, there is a hierarchy. The securables are made up of three scopes, which in turn contain other securables. The three scopes are server, database, and schema. These scopes in turn contain the following securables:

  • Server securable scope

    • Endpoint

    • Login

    • Database

  • Database securable scope

    • User

    • Role

    • Application role

    • Assembly

    • Message type

    • Route

    • Service

    • Remote service binding

    • Fulltext catalog

    • Certificate

    • Asymmetric key

    • Symmetric key

    • Contract

    • Schema

  • Schema securable scope

    • Type

    • XML schema collection

    • Object

Within the securables, the user, role, and schemas are treated equally. The schema has changed in SQL Server 2005 in order ...

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