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Microsoft System Center Optimizing Service Manager

Book Description

Part of a series of specialized guides on System Center - this book provides focused guidance for deploying and customizing Service Manager, an integrated platform for automating and adapting an organization’s IT service management best practices. Led by series editor Mitch Tulloch, a team of System Center experts step you through key technical scenarios and tasks.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1 Business reasons to choose Service Manager
    1. Introduction
    2. Integration story
      1. Active Directory connector
      2. Configuration Manager
      3. Operations Manager
      4. Orchestrator
      5. Exchange connector
    3. Reporting
  7. Chapter 2 Deployment costs and non-IT usage
    1. Licensing
    2. Deployment costs
      1. Envision
      2. Plan
      3. Build
      4. Stabilize
      5. Deploy
    3. Operational costs
    4. Non-IT usage
      1. Request a new credit card
      2. Request access to an invoicing system
      3. Using Service Manager for customer service
  8. Chapter 3 How to plan for Service Manager
    1. It’s not just the technology
      1. People
      2. Process
      3. Product
    2. Implementation roles
  9. Chapter 4 How to prepare for a Service Manager installation
    1. Technology considerations
      1. Active Directory
    2. Operations Manager
      1. Configuration Manager
      2. Virtual Machine Manager
    3. Process considerations
      1. Incident management
      2. Problem management
      3. Change management
      4. Release management
    4. Service request management
  10. Chapter 5 Management packs
    1. Management pack general guidance
    2. Management pack naming guidance
      1. Bundling modifications
      2. Naming and bundling views and view folders
      3. Naming and bundling templates
      4. Naming and bundling service offerings and request offerings
      5. Naming and bundling groups and queues
      6. Naming and bundling console tasks
      7. Naming and bundling notification templates and subscriptions
    3. Sealing management packs
    4. Updating a sealed management pack
    5. Versioning management packs
    6. Backing up management packs
    7. Renaming management pack filenames
  11. Chapter 6 Optimizing the Service Manager environment
    1. Service Manager management server
    2. Service Manager console
    3. Service Manager databases
      1. SQL Server editions
    4. Workflows
    5. Service Manager Self-Service Portal
    6. Connectors
      1. General considerations
      2. Active Directory connector
      3. Operations Manager connector
      4. Configuration Manager connector
      5. Orchestrator connector
  12. Chapter 7 Service Manager configuration and customization
    1. Configurations
      1. Incident and service request support groups and assignment
      2. Incident categorization
    2. Customizations
      1. Work item custom labeled fields
      2. Notification Boolean
      3. Assignment notification for all work items
      4. More information needed and possible problem
      5. Location on form
      6. On Behalf Of on form
      7. VIP incidents and requests
      8. Submitting change requests from the Self-Service Portal
      9. Change phase in change views
    3. Additional resources for configuration and customization
    4. Customization risk areas
      1. Orchestrator versus Authoring Tool for workflows