Chapter 9

Embracing Teams to Make Meetings Better


Bullet Figuring out the different types of meetings

Bullet Scheduling and joining meetings

Bullet Taking meetings to the next level with conference and video calls

Bullet Embracing local and remote meeting attendees at the same time

If you are a veteran of Microsoft Office, you are surely familiar with Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is an app that is part of the Office suite of products that you can use to manage your email, calendar, and contacts. Microsoft Teams integrates with Outlook and shines when you use Outlook to manage and conduct your Teams meetings.

In this chapter, you find out about the different types of Teams meetings — scheduled meetings, ad hoc meetings, and private meetings. You discover how to schedule a new meeting in Teams and add Teams functionality to a meeting you schedule in Outlook. You also learn how to start a meeting and join an existing meeting. Finally, you explore Teams’ built-in conference call and video call capabilities, which enable you to meet with people from all over the world.

Getting Up to Speed with the ...

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