Chapter 10

Bringing Teams into the Physical World


Bullet Discovering how hands-free communication works in Teams

Bullet Looking at conference room hardware

Bullet Finding the right device for your needs

Meetings and communication underwent a revolution in the past couple of decades. The Internet and connectivity changed the game of global communications. I still remember calling friends in other parts of the world using a traditional landline phone and hearing a tinny echo in the background. They always sounded so far away, and this made sense at the time because they were. Then Skype came along, and I got used to calling friends anywhere in the world using the Internet and seeing them as we spoke. Skype changed the communications landscape.

Microsoft Teams provides the same experience as Skype. As you discover in the previous chapter, you can make video calls directly through the Teams portal! Teams also includes a lot of features that are designed specifically for working with the groups of people in your teams. One area that has really accelerated in the past few years as Teams has come onto the scene is the hardware. Hardware companies have started designing gear optimized and designed ...

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