Working with Strings

Strings in C# correspond to the .NET String type, and there's a great deal of functionality built into them. For example, you can append one string to another with the + operator:

string string1 = "Hello ";
string string2 = "there!";
string2 = string1 + string2;

This code leaves "Hello there!" in string2. You can also access the individual characters as if the string were an array, like this:

string string1 = "Hello ";
char char1 = string1[1];

This code leaves 'e' in char1 (note that, as in C++, character literals are enclosed in single quotes, like 'e', whereas string quotes are enclosed in double quotes, like "Hello!"). Strings come with many built-in methods as well. For example, take a look at the code in ch02_23.cs, ...

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