Configuring Sysprep

For our purposes, Sysprep comprises three files, all of which you must put in the folder %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Sysprep on the sample computer:

  • Sysprep.exe

  • Setupcl.exe

  • Sysprep.inf

When using Sysprep to prepare a disk image, you must copy all three files (Sysprep.exe, Setupcl.exe, and Sysprep.inf) to %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Sysprep. After copying the files to this folder, you can run Sysprep using its command-line options or its graphical user interface. After you deploy the disk image and the user finishes Mini-Setup, Mini-Setup removes the Sysprep folder. You can force Mini-Setup to leave this folder and its contents by setting FactoryMode=Yes in the [Unattended] section of Sysprep.inf. I don’t recommend that you use this setting, however, because ...

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