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Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2: Visual Quickstart Guide

Book Description

Just because you have the built-in software to transform your homemade videos into compelling, creative content doesn't necessarily mean you have the know-how to do so. For that you need this no-nonsense task-based guide. In these pages video guru Jan Ozer uses simple, step-by-step instructions peppered with plenty of visual aids and loads of time-saving tips to show you how to use Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 video-editing software (which is included with Windows XP) to edit your videos and share them with family and friends. Providing a visual approach to a visual product, Jan shows you how to start making movie magic instantly and effortlessly with the transitions, title options, and 2-D special effects included in Movie Maker 2. You'll learn how to create wipes, dissolves, freeze frames, and more in the process of producing a finished product that you'll be proud to email to friends, post on your Web site, or copy to CD or DVD.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Getting Started
    1. Getting Your Pc Ready for Movie Maker
      1. Downloading the Latest Updates
      2. Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs
      3. Creating a System Restore Point
      4. Preparing Your Hard Disks
    2. Creating Watchable Video
      1. What Is Watchable Video?
      2. Watchable Video Guidelines
      3. Using a Feature-Rich Video Editor
      4. Developing Strong Nonlinear Editing Skills
      5. Choosing the Right Camera Settings
      6. Applying Basic Shot Composition
      7. Applying Advanced Shot Composition
    3. Getting Started With Movie Maker
      1. The Jan-FAQs
      2. The Movie Maker Interface
      3. Creating and Managing Collections
      4. Customizing Your Collection Views
      5. Customizing Movie Maker's Panes
      6. Setting Project Defaults
  5. Gathering Your Assets
    1. Capturing DV
      1. Connecting for DV Capture
      2. Capturing DV
      3. Viewing Your Captured Video
    2. Capturing Analog Video
      1. Connecting for Analog Capture
      2. Capturing Analog Video
      3. Viewing Your Captured Video
      4. Tuning the Incoming Video Signal
      5. Capturing Live Video
    3. Working With Still Images
      1. Capturing Still Images
      2. Editing Still Images
      3. Scanning Photographs
    4. Importing Music
      1. Ripping Audio Tracks
      2. Converting Analog Audio to Digital
    5. Working In The Contents Pane
      1. Creating Clips in Video Files
      2. Working with Audio and Video in the Contents Pane
      3. Relinking Lost Clips
  6. Editing
    1. Trimming and Assembling Your Movie
      1. Looking at Storyboard/ Timeline Views
      2. Saving Your Projects
      3. Working on the Storyboard
      4. Getting Video Clips to the Timeline
      5. Customizing Your Timeline View
      6. Common Tasks
      7. Trimming Clips on the Timeline
      8. Advanced Timeline Editing
      9. Editing Still Images
      10. Working with Audio Files
    2. Using Transitions
      1. Understanding Transitions
      2. How Transitions Work in Movie Maker
      3. Using Transitions
      4. Customizing Transitions
      5. Using Transitions to Create Customized Fades
      6. Inserting Multiple Transitions into a Slide Show
    3. Applying Special Effects
      1. Movie Maker's Special Effects
      2. Using Movie Maker's Effects Interface
      3. Using Fade-In and Fade-Out Effects
      4. Using Pixelan Effects to Fix Video Problems
      5. Using Playback Speed as an Effect
      6. Adding Motion to Still Images
    4. Working with Audio
      1. About Audio Tracks and Workflow
      2. Recording Narration
      3. Adjusting Audio Volume
    5. Designing Titles and Credits
      1. Title Options and Track Type
      2. Creating Titles
      3. Customizing Text
      4. Editing Titles
      5. Advanced Title Topics
    6. Working with Automovie
      1. AutoMovie Basics
      2. Creating AutoMovies
  7. Output
    1. Writing to Tape
      1. Setting Up Your Hardware
      2. Writing to Tape
      3. Dubbing from DV to VHS
    2. Outputting Digital Files
      1. Supported Formats and Output Options
      2. Saving to My Computer
      3. Saving to CD
      4. Sending Your Video in E-mail
      5. Saving to a Video-Hosting Provider
    3. Sonic Solutions MyDVD
      1. The MyDVD Workflow
      2. Other Alternatives
    4. Creating Movies in Photo Story
      1. The 50,000-Foot View
      2. Creating a Photo Story
    5. Windows Media Encoder and Tools
      1. Working with Windows Media File Editor
      2. Encoding with Windows Media Encoder
      3. About Screen Capture with WME
  8. Index