On Your Own: Lab 38 Backing Up the Metabase

In this lab, you are going to practice backing up the metabase.

Lab Instructions

  1. Open Notepad.exe.

  2. On the top of a blank page, set Option Explicit.

  3. Save your file as Lab38Solution.vbs.

  4. Declare the following variables: strPassword, strFilePath, strMetabasePath, intFlags, locatorObj, providerObj, and computerObj. Your completed Header information section will look like the following:

    Option Explicit
    Dim strPassword
    Dim strFilePath
    Dim strMetabasePath
    Dim intFlags
    Dim locatorObj
    Dim providerObj
    Dim computerObj
  5. Define three constants to be used to control the export behavior: EXPORT_CHILDREN = 0, EXPORT_INHERITED = 1, and EXPORT_NODE_ONLY = 2. The EXPORT_CHILDREN constant is used to add the properties of child ...

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